title: goodbye
pairing: lay and luhan
summary: despite their love continuing for years, Yixing has to say goodbye when Luhan wanted to say hello.
rating: pg-13

  Yixing was hit with a sudden influx of emotions while he watched the small screen of his laptop; the laptop that he got from his grandmother as a birthday gift four years ago where there the keys were hard to push down because Luhan spilled his bubble tea two years ago.

  Yixing’s brown doe eyes were trained on the certain boy while his skin prickled with jealously. His ex was wrapped in an embrace with a girl. To Luhan’s fans, which were mostly females, the embrace held such love that many were intimidated, but to Yixing, the hug was awkward from Luhan’s elbow digging into the girl’s ribcage to the girl’s hand squashed between their lean bodies.

   Luhan was too familiar with the embraces Yixing and he had although it’s been a year since the split.

   Yixing sighed in relief when Luhan and the girl pulled apart, but his relief was short-lived when the girl’s lips descended on his ex’s. Rather than seeing the girl’s soft lips, Yixing saw his. The way Luhan’s lips had fitted perfectly in place with his and how Yixing would sometimes push forcefully into the kiss to initiate the sexual intercourses that both would love. He didn’t see the girl’s hand resting on the smooth of Luhan’s cheek, rather his hand. 

  “Fucking hell.” Yixing pulled his dark locks with his hands, eyes casted down. 

He slammed the laptop close, angry for himself to stoop down so low. A year. It’s been a year and nobody had compared to Luhan. Baekhyun had tried to match Yixing and an old friend, Xiumin, with the excuse of “You’re a top, and he’s a bottom. Perfect match.” But, it had backfired. Yixing and Xiumin had spent their date night reminiscing over their exes and how they wished they were right by their beloved’s side.

  Yixing understood why they had split. Luhan was starting his acting career, meaning the couple would have to endure a long distance relationship. Yixing didn’t mind the idea of a long distance relationship, but Luhan did. Luhan thought that the distance would create a void in their relationship and also skinship was important to him. How could he go days upon days without even touching Yixing? He couldn’t so he cut the frayed ends with their relationship, bringing up the past. At the time, Yixing didn’t understand the sudden change within his boyfriend, but he realized too late that Luhan wanted the split to happen in an natural way.

   Yixing got up from his ratty couch and stalked to the cupboard, grabbing the instant noodles. He was sick and tired of eating noodles almost every week, craving for some meat. It wasn’t a surprise that Luhan made more money than Yixing and could afford other things than noodles and the occasional meat here and there. It wasn’t until the instant noodles were almost done did Yixing take his eyes off of his meal.

  The ringing of his phone was the background while the Caller ID was the focal point. Yixing felt himself take a soft intake of breath when he saw Luhan’s picture show up on his phone. He had erased the existence of Luhan off of his phone except his number in case of emergencies. It had been a year. A year.

  Yixing’s finger trailed from the answer and hang up buttons on his phone. He didn’t know what to do. The sudden call from Luhan made his heart pound violently and made sweat drip from the roots of his hair. (Granted, it was already hot in his apartment.) He felt pressure pushing down on his shoulders with the result of rolling them back. A year, Yixing repeated in his head, a year and now you call.

There were two options that made Yixing go forth or go back into their relationship. He could answer and maybe have an effect on Luhan or he could not answer and maybe get rid of the shadow he was. Possibilities traveled throughout his head, but he hadn’t realized that the phone ceased to ring and Luhan had disappeared off of his phone.


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