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Just One Night | One-Shot | Fluff 

Selfish with Love | One-Shot | Fluff

Those who are Broken | Series | Fluff | Angst | Smut | Soulmate au

It’s a Date | One-Shot | Fluff

Surprise, Happy Birthday | One-Shot | Fluff

Morning Star | One-Shot | Angst | Angels & Demons au

100 Days | Series | Angst | Fluff | Soulmate au

Dreams | One-Shot | Smut

Help Me | Mini-Series | Angst | Fluff

Late Nights | One-Shot | Smut

Fourth Floor | One-Shot | Smut | Office au

Land of All | Series | Angst | Fluff | Alternate Universe


Other Groups

Billowing Bubble Bath


“It’s quite large. T-The tub. Is…large. Uhm…I’ll…get the scented candles and soaps-U-Unless you think that’s too much?”

“No, no, I think that would be… just fine, actually.”

[Scented candles? Bubbles? That… sounded quite romantic actually. And relaxing. Brenda didn’t mind that idea. Not at all. In fact, she found it quite… interesting.]

“Do you need any help or should I get inside now?”