@aujinrew’s Big Leap to Embrace Adventure

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It’s been almost 10 years since Aujin Rew (@aujinrew) overhauled her whole life, leaving behind a stable engineering career in South Korea to pursue photography. Last year, she accomplished another dream by traveling all over Asia, starting in Vietnam and ending in Turkey. “Mostly I traveled by bus or train, but sometimes hitchhiking took me on a more adventurous experience,” she says. “I hitchhiked a vegetable sellers’ car from Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan, and helped them sell vegetables on the way to Osh. A three-hour journey became six hours.” Aujin’s current home base is in Singapore, but before heading back on the road, she’s pausing in Seoul to reflect for the #LunarNewYear: “What has been driving me to keep traveling and stay away from home? Maybe even before I find some answers, my itchy feet will lead me to somewhere in Siberia or the border between Myanmar and India. Who knows? Life brings surprises.”

II. Roast Mutton

Making up the Durins

Caring hands are giving the last touches to Kili, before cameras start to roll. 

If you see Kili, there should be Fili as well (or the opposite, they are never far from each other).

And here he is, smiling and… patiently waiting for someone to apply the braidstache on his upper lip… I guess they are making it last minute because Dean repeatedly said it kept falling off. 

Therefore we can enjoy a new version of Fili, maybe younger, but lacking something…

I really love that Dean is always cheerful in spite of long hours, and tiring waits.

When you realise that Thranduil found the time to change his look three times in one day:

But still managed to wear pretty much the same thing for his sass-off with Thorin as he did for his trip to Erebor:

And now we know the real reason he wanted to lock Thorin away…