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This gives me the giggles. Dean and Aidan mimicking Richard’s voice. I can picture them huddled together somewhere arguing on how Richard would say this word, or that word, doing their best impressions of him, seeing who does it better and going up to him and being all “Richard, can you say potato real quick?” so they could mimick it back. xD

(gif cred to wholockians-united)

After the battle

At the end of a long and tiring day on the stormy (and wet) set of the thunder battle, Dean O’Gorman is still giving the bts cameras a warm and happy smile.

Of course he is happy to be working on the Hobbit set (it was one of the first weeks for him), but he had any reason to look tired or a bit grumpy. Only he didn’t, he looked his usual, smiley happy self.

I love the people who can still smile at the end of a long day at work. I am happy that Dean is one of those.

Making up the Durins

Caring hands are giving the last touches to Kili, before cameras start to roll. 

If you see Kili, there should be Fili as well (or the opposite, they are never far from each other).

And here he is, smiling and… patiently waiting for someone to apply the braidstache on his upper lip… I guess they are making it last minute because Dean repeatedly said it kept falling off. 

Therefore we can enjoy a new version of Fili, maybe younger, but lacking something…

I really love that Dean is always cheerful in spite of long hours, and tiring waits.


3 films

3 different years

3 different sets of stories

But Dean stays the same, with his incredibly expressive face and hands and his own charming way to tell stories- the gist is the same but the way changes every time.

The hair may grow longer, and more tousled, but the beard remains.

Loose tees, plaid shirts or overalls (his fave outfit lately), he always looks like the friend who has just popped in to say hello after working in his (or your) garden…

The botfa bts screencap was taken from the bounty of filisleftmustachebraid.


It all started from here- 14th June 2010

The Hobbit audition, almost a duty for any Kiwi actor.

With an orange jumper, a white tee and the feeling he was never going to be Bilbo.

He was right.

Telling this story for the DVD bts he showed his typical Kiwi detachment and said he completely forgot about it 2 days later. But seeing many friends being called upon the Hobbit set for minor roles or even extras, he later admitted that he felt a bit sad about it: PJ does not want me, not even for an Orc.

I wonder what he thought when, in October, news came of the cast completion, and the end of auditions.

Anyway, I don’t think he spent too much time brooding, because he had gorgeous Anders to play and promote.

But life sometimes surprises us, when we least expect it, when all is lost, when we have given up hope.