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do you ever reread fics? what are your favorites to reread? .x

Oh yeah, I reread fics all the time. Some of my favourites to reread are:

  • Don’t Worry Baby
  • In Other Words Baby, Kiss Me
  • Can’t be Hateful, Gotta Be Grateful
  • Not As Described
  • No Way Out
  • Hang The Moon
  • Hate Cake
  • Still
  • Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t)
  • Solitary Animals
  • The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
  • Will To Follow Through
  • Wolf Whistle
  • Only Fools Rush In
  • Burn By Night
  • Every Step You Take
  • Famous Last Words
  • Hide Of A Life War
  • Inside These Arms
  • The Road To Self-Actualization Is Littered With F-Bombs
  • The Woebegone Kid
  • This Might Hurt
  • Shelter
  • Professional Misconduct
  • The Dirtiest Thing You Know
  • To Have Outlived The Night
  • All This Has Happened
  • By Moon And Stars
  • DILF
  • Dude, what’s a bulwark?
  • Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie
  • Losers
  • Outrun Your Ghosts
  • The Jelly To His Doughnut
  • There Is A Brotherhood
  • The Skies Above Are Blue
  • Trust In This (even if you’re scared stiff)
  • The Well Of Living Waters
  • The Broken Radio Is Playing Suicide
  • excelsior

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do you ship sterek or just stydia or maybe stalia

I ship Stydia with all my heart (and all my tears *sob*)! I see Derek and Stiles more like older and younger brothers, I don’t ship them as a couple… andi Stalia…. I don’t ship Stalia (perhaps because I still hope to see Stiles and Lydia together), but in the last episode I really liked them, they’re very tender, and I felt bad for the final scene.

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i ship sterek and stydia so much but i also can see derek with braeden i think she's cute. about stalia idk same as you but i still hate her a bit. what do you think about kira? ((sorry for the questions, i just discovered your blog and im loving it))

uuuhhh, i love braeden, and the way Derek looks at her! I think kira is an awsome character, probably they should exploit her more! She’s cute and awkward, but also a ’katana wielding badass kitsune’ when her friends are in danger!
Ps: don’t be sorry! I like to talk about ships, brotp and teen wolf generally :)

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omfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, adoré "You and me the perfect team". Está genial escrito, im srs. Si esto no suena exigente, y espero que no, ¿para cuándo la segunda parte? Y, ¿cúantas partes va a tener? Es posible que incluso lo hayas puesto, pero desde el móvil no me carga todo xDDDDDDD Babaiiiii. Pd: Eres fab.

omggg gracias! me alegro de que te haya gustado.

Le estoy dando los ultimos toques al cap, hoy no pude estar en casa y por lo tanto, sin el notebook en mis manos para poder terminar ese asunto, ademas de que en estos momentos estoy en otros asuntos en mi casa ughhh, pero es seguro que para más tardar pasado mañana el capítulo ya esté.

No espero que tengas muchas partes, a lo sumo unas cinco? Este fic no estaba planeado, asi que se va escribiendo solito xd. Tampoco quiero extenderlo mucho so…

Lamento muchísimo la demora. en serio. Graciasa por leerlo y darme tu opinión al respecto:)

Un saludo enorme!!! gracias por tu comentario;)

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ikrrrrrrrrrrrr, derek is my teen wolf fav, he’s so human do you feel me. i didnt like kira at first, because of allisons death? but now she’s so badass i like her and she’s nice to scott, well obvs. whos your fav character? 

YES I FEEL YOU! I didn’t like derek so much in the first two seasons, but with 3a he is grown to me! I’ve fallen in love when he said “I know what I’m risking, my life for theirs” in Chaos Rising, sigh! Yeah, kira really likes scott, and that’s the only thing that matters to me, though I really miss allison. my fave is Stiles, but I also love unconditionally Lydia and Scotty <3