augustus moon



anonymous asked:

Placements that would indicate someone who most likely would stare at someone and when that someone catches them staring, they'll continue staring?

venus/mars in aries bc they don’t give a f*ck.

this made me think of the scene from tfios 👀(augustus watters prolly had an aries venus)

also, scorpio moon; but in a less flirty way and in a more protective, predatory way, like “im reading your body language and hardcore judging you ™ ” 🦂

Did I mention I am a fate (everything) addict?

I received my collector’s edition Fate/Extella Today! :D Thought I’d doodle some stuff before I full-dive into the game (and do nothing for the next few days).

Took another pic with the plastic cards included with the game XP See it under the cut! :) Enjoy~

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