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Here comes another fun one!!
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11. Best Quotes?

Oh boy this was fun to pick out! Hope you like my selections!! <33

“Well, my ass is covered” ~ Sasha Nein
“Let’s make out!” ~ Lili Zanotto
“Look at that woman’s breasts. They are large.” ~ G-Man
“You’d better not be trying to steal my husband. Tramp.” ~ G-Man
“Although over time my husband will lose desire for me sexually, he will always love my pies.” ~ G-Man
“It’s fake. I’m worried the other assassins are gonna make fun of me.” ~ Razputin Aquato
“I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious.” ~ Boyd Cooper
“You have the insanity of a manatee!” ~ Dr. Loboto
“Sacre bleu! I have been hit!” ~ Fred Boneparte (as Napoleon)
“….Linda….” ~ Linda
“What a magical lady” ~ Razputin Aquato
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” ~ Razputin Aquato
“Well, I’m off to kill myself” ~ Becky
“I’m starting to feel like I’m back in high school! Which is weird, because I’m only ten.” ~ Razputin Aquato
“So, if I’m not mistaken, you’re not Doctor Loboto, you don’t pay my salary, so kindly step away from my elevator and die. Thank you sir.” ~ Crispin Whytehead
“I’ve taught you everything I can, son. Now, you go show them. Show them all.” ~ Augustus Aquato

Sonic Forces looks great so far. That has nothing to do with the challenge, but I’m excited for the new Sonic games.
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17. Beautiful Moment?

I touched over this a little in my “emotional moments” post, but this scene stuck with me so much, I think it deserves the spot on my challenge for the most beautiful moment.

It’s gotta be when Augustus goes into Razputin’s mind to help him with the Meat Circus shenanigans. The scene probably isn’t even five minutes long, but in that short time the game portrays great emotion between the two. Razputin thought of his dad as a monster for the longest time, but Augustus just wanted him to be safe and happy, though he went around it the wrong way. 

Turned out as well, Razputin wasn’t the only one in the family with psychic powers. The reveal was so great, and honestly warmed my heart.


30 Day Psychonauts Challenge Day #17: Beautiful Moment

I know this may seem like an odd choice, but to me this is a beautiful moment. Honestly it’s kind of funny because this was supposed to be the most inspirational moment and the moment I’m going to choose for most inspirational was supposed to be here. I chose this scene however because it shows the loving relationship between father and son, and I love it.

More psychonauts fan-art! This time, its my take on the Aquato family. I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t seen more fan art of them - for that matter, i haven’t ever seen fan art of Razputin’s siblings period!

Aside from Augustus and Razputin I based their appearances on Raz’s memory reel. Their colors is based on Augustus clothes, that man need a prize for special clothing taste.

Reality’s Draw (Part 1)

(Adult Raz) “So let me tell you a story, and I’m gonna keep this short. Because, who really cares about your teen years? Haha!

When I was fourteen, you bet that I was still on selective missions, but everything was still pretty great, ya’ know? Lili and I were constantly talking about partnering up and doing a bit of training together, when we weren’t studying.

Life just seemed like a rather True Psychic Tale for me.”

“But not everything in a magazine was necessarily… True.

I didn’t really think of it much but the adults at that time were noticing that I was attracting unwanted attention. Very unwanted. I wasn’t really… Notified on this. Don’t get me wrong; the agents that were my higher ups tried their hardest to protect Lili and I from the more extreme categories of psychic criminals. Criminals I still couldn’t go up against.

Every day became more worrisome. It’s a wonder I never found out about the people tracking me and my missions, because Morry, Sasha, and Milla were starting to get awfully protective.”

“But… Well. I shouldn’t give much detail. I had a rather poor mission. We all thought it was like any other.”

-but you can’t really save everyone no matter how much you try-

“Don’t worry about the mission. I mean… Well, it just caused a little part in my life where I had to retire from fully fledged Psychonaut work.

And hey, I didn’t cry or anything when it happened, trust me!”

“Don’t worry, that’s not the end of it… Things would eventually turn slowly towards the better the next four years during my days at the academy!

But…. One thing did turn for the worst.”

( Part 1 of ?? )