My biggest problem
is that I don’t know
how to open up,
and how to stay
after vulnerability
cracks my ribs
and starts pumping my lungs
full of air and
my heart
full of life.

I don’t know
how to hand my heart over,
without immediately
snatching it right back.
I don’t know how to let someone
into my lungs,
into the air I breathe,
without coughing them
right back out.

I don’t know how to
follow through,
and I don’t know how to listen to my own
when I beg someone to stay,
because the next day,
my bags are packed,
and I am out the door,
with no idea where to go,
because I have left every home
and every heart
that has welcomed me in.

I don’t know how to be vulnerable,
without leaving.
When my heart is on the table
and you know every inch of my mind,
and you have run your fingers
through the marrow in my bones
and through the parts of me
I expected you to hate.
I don’t know how to stay
when you have seen me,

— would you show me how?


Under the cut you will find 107  gifs of actor  August Vachiravit  [1996] .  All  gifs were made by me . Please do not claim as your own, post in gif hunts or repost them, and if you are using it would be nice if you could like/reblog!

Notes: August is Thai  .Please cast them respectfully

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When Love Reigns (A CS AU) Part 17/?

A Princess Diaries/What A Girl Wants inspired, Captain Swan fic where Emma is a senior in college who discovers that her father is not just a random stranger her mom never really knew, but the King of a country called Genovia. Yet when it rains, it pours and as Emma comes to terms with what it means to be a princess, she also must face what it means to fall in love with her father’s trusted aid, Killian Jones. This story includes a guaranteed HEA, and is rated M.

Ch. 1 Here, Ch. 2 Here, Ch. 3 Here, Ch. 4 Here, Ch. 5 Here, Ch. 6 Here, Ch. 7 Here , Ch. 8 Here, Ch. 9 Here, Ch. 10 Here, Ch. 11 Here, Ch. 12 Here, Ch. 13 Here, Ch. 14 Here, Ch. 15 Here, Ch. 16 Here: Also on FanFiction here.

A/N: I think it’s about time for a ball, don’t you? Well this week we are getting part one of a chapter revolving around a royal ball and in this AU balls come with some heartwarming family moments, CS cuteness, and a touch of jealousy. After all, Queen Ruth’s scheming all this time can’t just come to nothing right? Also features a shout out to another classic fairytale-inspired movie you guys might recognize. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

Dear Diary,

Note to self – all those fairytale imaginings of royal balls might not be fully accurate but they are on to something. I can’t exactly put it into words but I can say that despite all my worries, I would not be opposed to another night like this sometime soon. In fact, I’m kind of hoping for one.


“I still can’t believe you’re going to your first ball and we’re not there. I mean really, how fair is that?”

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60 Lincoln Premiere by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Lincoln & Continental Owners Club 2012 Mid-America National Meet August 15 - 19, 2012 Park Plaza Hotel, 4460 West 78th Street Circle Bloomington, Minnesota Hosted by the North Star Region