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Yes! Guess Which Glee Star Is Joining AHS: Hotel...

Darren Criss is in talks to check into American Horror Story: Hotel. Commence the freak out! E! News has learned exclusively that the Glee veteran, who just wrapped an acclaimed run on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, is set to join American Horror Story in the Halloween episode, for a recurring role. And he will play a hipster!

Criss is in talks to play Justin, a Silver Lake hipster who heads to the hotel on Halloween with his equally hip girlfriend to escape pesky trick-or-treaters. But after one too many room service demands, Kathy Bates’ character, the head of the hotel, gives Criss’ character a Halloween trick they will never forget.

Let that sink in for a moment: Kathy Bates vs. Darren Criss.

Yeah. We’re in.


Shadowhunters Cast + Twitter

@Kat_McNamara: Join @arosende now for his LIVE Twitter Q&A and see what “SimonSays”  

@arosende: @DomSherwood1 in 3 words:  Awesome, Adventurous, Kibrosabe #AskAlberto

@arosende: If I had to kill Dom, I would kill him with kindness, it would be so easy! #AskAlberto

@arosende: I throw a rock at Dom every day to put him in his place! It’s working! 

@arosende: Kat is sitting next to me… she’s mysteriously ageless


One Direction performing ‘Drag Me Down’ on Good Morning America - August 4, 2015


One Direction’s Full Interview with ‘The View’ Co-Hosts

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Idk, I'm not sure meme documentation meme is a meme. Most other current memes (gun, astrology, etc) have 10k or more of notes, while the most I've seen for memedoc is 500. There are so many small local memes that size and they don't get documented.

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just because a meme is small doesn’t mean it’s not a meme though

just because a meme isn’t documented doesn’t mean it’s not a meme