auguste van pels

Today, August 4th, 1944, along with Edith, Otto, Margo, The Van Daans, and Mr Dussell, Anne Frank was found by the Gestapo and taken to different labour and concentration camps.

The only one to survive was Otto Frank.

Anne Frank - Bergen-Belsen, March 1945

Margo Frank - Bergen-Belsen, March 1945

Edith Frank - Auschwitz, January 1945

Otto Frank - Survived until 1980

Petronella Van Daan -  Thrown under a train at Theresienstadt , April 1945

Hermann Van Daan (The only member to be gassed) - Auschwitz, October 1944.

Peter Van Daan - Mauthausen, May 1945.

Albert Dussel -  Neuengamme, December 1944.