auguste bert

((Felt like drawing my genderswapped people - especially given that I’ve never shaped my fem!Jerry and male!Beth properly. This version of female Morty I’ve made before Pocket Mortys happened, so yeah, it’s not Morticia;

So, they’re all here! August, Jenny, Erica, Monty, Bert and Scratches. Finally all together on one doodle! Yay!))


Myra Hindley became infatuated with Ian Brady long before they developed their dangerous relationship. She often tried to get his attention at work, but was shocked at how cold he was toward her. She vented her frustration in a series of diary entries:

13 August: “Wonder what misery will be like tomorrow?”

24 August: “I am in a bad mood now because he hasn’t spoken to me today.”

30 August: “Ian and Bert have had a row. Tommy sided with Bert and said Ian loses his temper too soon.”

1 November: “Months now since Ian and I spoke.”

6 November: “Ian still not speaking. I called him a big-headed pig.”

It was months before Brady finally decided to ask Hindley on a date. He was attracted to Myra’s devotion to him, and her willingness to please. The pair went on to kill 5 children; arguably some of the most disgraceful crimes in British history.