auguste balls

Your jjba stand name
  • January: star
  • February: gold
  • March: soft
  • April: nut
  • May: leaf
  • June: chariot
  • July: ball
  • August: lover
  • September: cream
  • October: soft
  • November: crazy
  • December: ice
  • 1: highway
  • 2: hand
  • 3: experience
  • 4: king
  • 5: nothing
  • 6: rock
  • 7: breaker
  • 8: eater
  • 9: park
  • 10: haze
  • 11: pistols
  • 12: stone
  • 13: fighter
  • 14: jam
  • 15: dead
  • 16: sun
  • 17: wet
  • 18: head
  • 19: deeds
  • 20: waves
  • 21: dolls
  • 22: tattoo
  • 23: civil
  • 24: small
  • 25: cream
  • 26: blues
  • 27: waves
  • 28: planet
  • 29: shell
  • 30: jump
  • 31: tall
  • If your hair is:
  • Brown
  • Yellow/Blonde
  • Black
  • Put 'the' at the beginning of your stand name
  • If your hair is:
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • put 'and' in the middle of your stand name
  • Hope y'all enjoy this!! reblog/tag/comment your stand name!


“My Mom spent a lot of time with Lucie and me. She attended school plays and Little League games, helped me with my homework, and made an effort to get to know my friends. She took us to Disneyland and followed us around with a home movie camera. She even tape recorded interviews with us. Mom saved everything from our childhood and kept boxes of boxes of moments, including baby shoes, our drawings, and all the gifts her fans sent when I was born” -Desi Arnaz Jr.


“She told me she dreamt she had died. And she came back as a ghost on Hollywood Boulevard. She’s walking along as a ghost, and no one remembers her. When she died, that was the first thing I thought of, because you never saw such an outpouring of love, almost obsession. I thought, she would be so proud.”
- Candy Moore

R.I.P Lucille Désirée Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989)

Hi everyone, I have some important things to share with you, so first off I would like to show you guys a new projects AEhentai and I are working on. It is going to be a short interactive Harley Quinn game that I want to say will be out around August. Now the Dragon Balls Deep video is still happening, We are just going to make this because when the Suicide Squad movie comes out there is probably going to be a ton of rule34 of the movie version and why not get in on that as well. :p

    The second piece of news I would like to say is now that all my patreon pictures are released to the public, don’t expect a lot of content from me as often as you did this month. I need to focus on both this Harley Quinn game, the dragon balls deep video, and other various pictures for patreon supporters that may take a few months to finish. I have left some pictures for AEhentai to animate while I am busy with these other things so be sure to keep a eye on his tumblr to see any new pictures from me.

    And lastly as of tomorrow will be taken down! This a heads up so if you go there often to see any pictures you may want to save them and post them somewhere else because it will be a while until the site gets back up. When the site gets back up it will probably be improved and looks much better than before, but that isn’t going to happen for a while so like i said, get what you want from the site now because it will be gone in only a few hours.

    Thank you guys for a fantastic month in June and I hope AEhentai and I can continue to give you all amazing content in the future! :D


“I cured myself of shyness when it finally occurred to me that people didn’t think about me half as much as I gave them credit for. The truth was, nobody gave a damn. Like most teenagers, I was far too self-centered. When I stopped being prisoner to what I worried was others’ opinions of me, I became more confident and free.”

Happy Birthday, Lucille Ball (August 6th 1911)


August 5, 2016 || Orange Beach, AL @ The Amphitheater at The Wharf

more or less accurate summary of weather in Finland
  • January: cold and dark, snow
  • February: cold af, dark. You'll get sick.
  • March: cold, not so dark anymore
  • April: boooom spring
  • May: Sunshine and ALLERGIES
  • June: 30 days of rain, wait nononono FUCK IT'S SNOWING
  • July: hot as balls, thunders
  • August: a perfect weather but hahahaha you're back to school/work
  • September: slowly becoming darker and darker, first snow that melts away immediately
  • October: miserable, just miserable; cold, windy, dark, storms
  • November: dark and cold, some snow if you're lucky. You'll be sick
  • December: either dark and no snow or so much snow you think you're gonna drown