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The CEO of Levi's asks customers/employees to not bring guns to stores - citing an incident that didn't happen.

In an open letter posted on LinkedIn, the CEO of Levi’s requested that customers no longer bring guns into their stores, citing “Recently, we had an incident in one of our stores where a gun inadvertently went off, injuring the customer who was carrying it.”

There is absolutely zero information relating to such an incident -anywhere- and it appears that the Levi’s CEO has fabricated a story to push an anti-gun agenda.

The incident is said to have happened IN a store in Commerce, GA, but only a fleeting report of an 18-year-old accidentally shooting himself in the thigh while exiting his truck in Augusta, GA (in a mall parking lot) even remotely resembles the story that Levi’s cites.

There appears to never have been a negligent discharge of any weapon in a Levi’s store and it appears that Levi’s has created a false story to push an anti-gun agenda.

On November 30, 2016, the President and CEO of Levi Strauss and Co., Chip Bergh, wrote “An Open Letter to Customers: Our Weapons Policy” which he posted on LinkedIn – featured in “Editor’s Picks, Retail & E-Commerce.” The letter can be found and read here: The CEO requests “… people not to bring firearms into our stores, offices or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law.” He cited an incident to support this policy by saying “Recently, we had an incident in one of our stores where a gun inadvertently went off, injuring the customer who was carrying it.”
Numerous internet sleuths, (including this writer) have been unable to uncover a single incident of a negligent discharge of a weapon in any Levi’s store, anywhere. Outside of reports of an 18 year old who negligently shot himself in his thigh while exiting his truck, parked in a mall parking lot in Augusta, GA, there are no police reports, news stories, or anecdotal evidence which points to the incident referenced by CEO Chip Bergh, to have actually happened.

There is a tremendous effort by those who wish to violate Civil Rights to vilify the Second Amendment and those who exercise that Right by painting pictures of gun owners as negligent, not-safe, and dangerous to others. This “incident” should it be proven that it did not actually occur, is an affront to the Constitution of the United States, Civil Rights, and millions of individuals who take the Civil Right of the Second Amendment as seriously as others take Freedom of Speech.
While the rights of a corporation such as Levi’s are such that they may restrict items, such as weapons, in their stores, I sincerely hope that Mr. Bergh did not fabricate this story in an effort to push an anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Kicked Out, livin it up

after another sleepover party, a few friends and I went to the mall. Raised a nice bit of hell, simply by not wearing shoes xD hid in the foliage and made animal noises at people and was escorted from the premises. The security lady who drove me in her car (THEY WOULDN’T HANDCUFF ME NO MATTER HOW NICELY I ASKED, LIKE WTF) said she worked there for 15 years, and me and her had a lovely chat, I hope she gets a raise she was so funny and nice :) 10/10 would get kicked out of the mall again.

First Official Day Working

Soo today The Limited finally opened. Exciting right ?? Yeaa, ii know . I must say ii had a lot of fun welcoming the customers into our brand new store.
I worked Cashwrap, Greeter and worked the floor… Although greeting is my least favorite and the fitting room is my absolute favorite, ii didn’t even get to work the fitting room today. ): But my boss said ii can the next time ii work !

I’m not the best at the whole retail thing, but I’m trying my best and thats all ii can do. I do feel as though I’m starting to get the hang of things tho which is definitely a plus ! [=

By the way. Don’t forget to stop by the store this week so you can take advantage of our great deals !!!


Augusta Mall Drive (by nicman97)

driving through a mall…