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Royal, Augusta, and Elizabeth were treated very much as the senior princesses; they were educated together and lived separately from their younger sisters. Mary and Sophia, the middle daughters, formed a tightly knit pair, whilst Amelia, the baby of the family, occupied an especially privileged position, somewhere between pet and mascot, fussed over and admired by all.

A Royal Experiment: The Private Life of King George III - Janice Hadlow


Save This Old House!

A stately Queen Anne in a historic downtown district in Augusta, Georgia, needs love and attention.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Augusta Downtown Historic District, the Rice House is an excellent example of the Queen Anne style, with a large dome-capped turret and a second-story porch. Though some details were lost in its conversion to a multifamily home, the house still retains original moldings, mantels, and windows.

Available for $59,000. For more information contact Robyn Anderson at 

See the March/April 2017 issue of This Old House for more information.

INTP Gryffindor Libra Aesthetic

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Minerva McGonagall and Lyra Black

Taken by  Augusta Marchbanks in 1952

26) One thing that became commom with the NG kids at school: Wearing colours that weren’t their houses’ ones. It was common to see Lily with Louis Gryffindor Jacket, a cool Hufflepuff bracelet that she stole from Hugo and Lucy’s Slytherin tie. Dominique was very found of Gryffindor’s colours so she always used her siblings’ clothes. And lots of other crazy combinations happened. Nobody cared, really. And James looked particulary hot in Albus’ green tie…


$450/2 br “

 ”…and you may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack!“”

this whole ad is a Talking Heads reference

A “once in a lifetime” opportunity. This Shotgun House is not “same as it ever was” -its been fixed up, nor is it “…in another part of the world” -its in the East-Arsenal Artists’ Colony in the Summerville Historic District near Augusta College/Augusta State University/Georgia Regents University. Walk to class, Sheehan’s Irish Pub, 5 o'clock Bistro, or The Indian Queen from this 1920s Southern-Gothic shotgun house. Wood floors. Beaded-board ceilings. Original pine clapboards. Quaint historic district setting -perfect for you and your “beautiful wife”. Ample off-street parking for your “large automobile”. Less than three miles from the Medical College of Georgia. Eat-in kitchen with “water flowing underground” and up into the washer & dryer connections and the vintage farm-house sink. Fireplace. Ceiling fans in all rooms. Cute front porch. Screened doors front & back. No worries about life “after the money’s gone” -its only $450 per month. “And you may tell yourself ‘This is not my beautiful house!’” -well, it could be. “And you may ask yourself, 'How do I work this?’” -send an email. 630 total sqft+/- Deposit: $450, Pet Fee: $100. Tenant pays: electric, gas, and water. This house has FOUR ROOMS as follows: front room, middle room, kitchen, and bath room. This house is nearly 100 years old -and looks it. Its definitely not for everyone. Central Heat & Air? - uh, no- Space heaters, ceiling fans, and screen doors. I can provide a window unit a/c or two if desired. Tiny yard out front. Tiny yard out back.*****AVAILABLE 9/1, with interior paint job since photos were taken.***** Porch Swing! Please refer to “Shotgun Shack” or similar in your message to me. Thanks.

Augusta, GA


On this day in history, January 7th, in 1796, Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales was born. She was the only child of the future George IV and his wife, Caroline of Brunswick.

George and Caroline infamously hated one another, and he would later insist they had only ever had sexual intercourse three times; twice on their wedding night and once the night after. Charlotte was born almost exactly 9 months after her parents’ wedding, which had taken place on April 8th of the previous year.

As the only living and legitimate grandchild of George III, Charlotte was second in line to the throne after her father. She was expected to someday become Queen of the United Kingdom, but this never came to pass.

She was married to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld in 1816, when she was 20 years old. Early in their marriage she suffered a miscarriage, but it was announced she was pregnant again in April of 1817.

After two days of labour, she gave birth to a large stillborn son on November 5th, 1817. Complications from the delivery caused her own death in the early morning hours of the following day.

The entire kingdom went into heavy mourning after her death, she had been greatly beloved and was one of the only popular members of the Royal Family. Her death caused a scramble among the remaining unmarried sons of George III to produce a legitimate child and heir to the throne.

Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, would be the one to father the eventual heir, the future Queen Victoria. Had Charlotte lived, Victoria would never have existed and England’s “Victorian Era” as we now know it would have been completely different.


House by army.arch *Adam*
Via Flickr:
Found in the Augusta Downtown Historic District #04000515.

Good Bye to Mr. Kim

From the daughter of Mr. Kim, who hosted the Chizine Series readings.

Dear friends,
As many of you already know, my father Hung Kim Le, aka “Mr. Kim” to most people, passed away from a heart attack on Saturday March 31/2012 at the young age of 58.

I apologize that I haven’t responded sooner to you all. It has been an overwhelming time for my family and I, especially with me caring for a fragile newborn as well. Truthfully, I haven’t been in much mood to talk to people yet as I am not sure how to respond or how to act strong. But I do want to say how truly appreciative I am to all our friends who reached out with sincere condolences, messages, FB posts, visits, flowers, food, shared memories etc. It has meant the world to our family, especially my mother. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lastly, I ask if any of you have photos of my father, we would be eternally grateful if you could send files to us via email to

Thank you again everyone.

For those who were asking details about the service, we welcome anyone wanting to pay their respects to attend any of the following services. In lieu of flowers, the family asks guests to make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in his honor.

Friday April 13th/2012
5:00pm - 9:00pm (7:30 prayer)
Rosar Morrison Funeral Home
467 Sherbourne St, Toronto
(416) 925-1608

Funeral Mass and Burial to follow:
Saturday April 14th/2012
St. Cecelia RC Church
161 Annette St, Toronto
St. James Cemetary
635 Parliment St, Toronto

Saturday April 14th/2012
Augusta House
152a Augusta Ave, Toronto


House by army.arch *Adam*
Via Flickr:
Found in the Augusta Downtown Historic District #04000515.