August 26

Focus and dedication are the keys to success for those celebrating birthdays on this day. A born executive, you are shrewd and skilled at getting the most from your associates. At times you can be rather controlling and demanding, but you are honest and straightforward in all your dealings. Your aim is to make sure that the job at hand is done properly and completed on time. You scrutinize a situation carefully and consider all the options before making an important decision. Your efficiency and managerial abilities could prove extremely useful in business, industry, education, science or government.

The hard-working August 26th individuals possesses a down-to-earth practicality that virtually guarantees worldly achievement. Despite your ambitious nature, you are extremely patient and willing to wait for the best possible opportunity before making your move. You have a fine analytical mind and remarkable manual dexterity, along with the keen appreciation for art, music, dance, drama, and literature. Many born on this date also have considerable talent along these lines and go on to outstanding careers in the media and arts, or athletics.

You may appear somewhat aloof on the surface, but at heart you’re a true romantic and more passionate than most Virgo natives. Although you can be moody and difficult to live with, when you overcome your insecurities, you make a loving, caring, loyal, and totally dependable partner. 

August 26th Horoscope Personality 2014-2015

August 26 Leo Birthday Horoscope personality
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I too am a radical supporter of anti-corruption but pardon my childish “please-dont-hurt-the-animals” way of thinking. I just cant help but feel sorry for the pigs. I know im taking this too literal but I wish PDAF can be called differently. Those creatures cant help it if they were born that way. 🐷 #wagseryosohin #randomthought #PDAF #millionpeoplemarch #nagsalitaangchubby #august26


& in that moment, I knew I was going to say yes to infinity & beyond. ♡

I like to share this to my Tumblr Friends that I’m now happy with this guy. (it sounds so cliche but please bare with me here) He looks younger but he’s now 18, and I’m a year older. :)

We became together all because of the Bubblegum I was chewing teasing him to get it from me..

Him:di ko abot eh.

Me: Arte.

Him:Kadiri kaya.

Me:*hugs him* Baket? Tayo naman ah?

— and in that moment I was in a state of shock and he was just smiling at me the whole time, I can’t even say anything because I just said yes to him without even noticing it. Hahahaha! Funnyyyy.

Anyway, he’s a blessing to me.. My grades are higher and I found my charger for my DSLR and other good things are coming. :)

Well, that’s all. It’s kinda short, but I’ve known him for almost two years now.. I guess, love happens when you least expect it, and acts like a bestfriend, moves like a lover and just simply being himself. I wasn’t looking for him, he came looking for me. :”>

So, I guess that’s how I end my story here. :) It’s just starting; meaning many more to come! 

I love you, Lance Albert Buenaseda :)