The emergency room was hell a couple of a minutes ago, but they all managed to wrap up pretty fast those couple of car crashes. Dante was exhausted but mostly excited he got out of an OR to run to the ER and attend to a couple of patients himself and basically run the ER – seeing as the attendants got their hands busy on the ORs themselves. After a while, he sighed in relief, then got paged to go to the clinic by a nurse. Dante shrugged then ran down to the clinic, when he arrived the nurse informed that their worried the patient may need stitches and needed to be checked for the possibility or surgery. 

“Kay, thanks Will,” he said to the trusty nurse as he opened the curtain that held a boy with an open wound on their hand. It didn’t look so bad but it looked like it must hurt a little. “Good afternoon,” he smiled to the young boy. “I’m Dr. Stevens,” he finished with the same charming smile, waiting for the boy to introduce himself. 

August 1st Birthday Personality

August 1 Leo birthday astrology personality
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