Birthday Project for August

Good Morning loves! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. So I was laying in my bed the other day and I started thinking of August and his birthday, yes I know it’s all the way in September. Anyways, I thought of some really cool things to do/get for him for his birthday. I came up with like five ideas.

  • A Scrapbook

With the scrapbook, I wanted to make it with mostly fans who have meet August already. Like a photo with Aug and you (the fan). Then have a little paragraph telling how you met him and what the experience was like; including the date and event if possible.

  • A Box Of Letters

With this, I was going to get my uncle to make a small wooden box and engrave August’s name on the top. Then you guys would mail in hand written letters (telling Aug how much you love him, why you are a fan, etc, etc) to the listed address and I will but all the letters in the box and get it to him.

  • A Basket Of His Favorite Things

This is kind of self explanatory. I know Aug is getting rich and all so maybe we can send small things. Maybe like his favorite candy or cologne, some Lyfe Jennings CD’s, Sister Act 2. You know stuff like that.

  • Blown Up Picture of Mel

I’m still contemplating this so don’t get all crazy. I don’t think Aug want a hug picture of his deceased brother but…

  • Flash Drive

Sounds crazy I know but I was going to get a small just to put two videos on it. One video highlighting all his success thus far and the other a birthday video, like every other fanpage for a celeb does. LOL

Anywho let me know what you guys think because if we are going to his this it going to take alot of preparation, that’s why I’m asking months in advance. MESSAGE ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

August Alsina feat Lil Wayne "Why I Do It"

August Alsina drops a new single with fellow New Orleans native Lil Wayne entitled “Why I Do It”. This was a very collaborative effort, with back and forth vocals. August Alsina released his “Hip Hop” single prior, with his sophomore album coming soon.

August Alsina feat Lil Wayne “Why I Do It” was originally published on Street Khemistry - Hip Hop Culture


My friend showed me this cover of Aug’s Kissin On My Tattoos so I thought I’d share this with you all. Enjoy!

Make It Home
  • Make It Home
  • August Alsina ft. Jeezy
  • Testimony

But if I don’t make it home tonight
Tell my mama that I love her
Leave some flowers for my brother
Girl I love ya

But if I don’t make it home tonight
Take some money to my sister
I don’t ever want her chasin’ after niggas

Cause where I’m from niggas outchea dyin’ everyday
They ain’t all bad, they jus tryna make a way
And I ain’t no different
So if I get missin
These are my last wishes
I hope you get em right girl if I don’t make it home tonight.”

Make It Home - August Alsina ft. Jeezy
(From ‘Testimony’)