It’s been a while since I’ve drawn August’s family so I wanted to do a little drawing to get their color schemes right (this isn’t actually the whole family, he has a little brother too I might draw em all together later)….it’s just a doodle but I really like his family a lot so I’m still uploading it

If they look really young its because they are, August was an accident lmao

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How can I stop crying from rage when I think about how Hillary was treated, how she won (would have won in every sane country where 1 person=1 vote) and people still blamed her? And yeah, I'm involved and I am marching and organizing and stuff, but some days it feels too fucking unjust, I can't bear it. I can't stand to live under Trump for the next 3 years, not even till the end of the year. And I hate it so much that rules never apply to him: he was joking/didn't mean it/didn't know.*screams*

when you figure out how, please tell me. i haven’t learned how either. 


When you can’t express the hurt you feel so you sit in silence, when you want to cry but you can’t so you just feel the tears . You feel your heart breaking but you try to you keep yourself together with a smile, you’re so broken you can’t express how you feel anymore , because what’s the point crying , talking about it anymore all you say to yourself “my heart is broken ” , “ the person you love doesn’t care ”. “ You can’t keep trying on someone that doesn’t care about you”.
Trump considering proposals to break up the 9th Circuit
President Donald Trump has "absolutely" considered proposals that would break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals -- the federal appeals court that ruled against his travel ban -- he said Wednesday.
By Ariane de Vogue, CNN Supreme Court Reporter

What do you call it when the President gets ruled against and immediately threatens to dissolve the judicial body that did so? Other than “another step towards tyranny”? Or, “a message of intimidation meant to make judges think twice about defying him”? Hmmm.

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so i saw the "see gourds of the galaxy in 17 days"! and was sort of taken aback because.... like. it hasn't been on my radar at all? i mean i thought dr sponge came and went while i wasn't paying attention but gordons of the galaxy just. snuck up on me while i was over here. not caring.

The only reason I saw dr string was because this one dude wanted to take me out on a date to it, I said yes, he was a douche, never talked to him again.