Alistair Week!

Alistair Week! 

August 9th-15th 

Hello fellow Dragon Age fans. I saw so much character appreciation weeks going on and wanted to have one to celebrate our favorite cheese-lord, Alistair! This isn’t necessarily about character positivity but just about the fandom coming together to H A V E  F U N. Repeat: have fun. I want a week where artists, writers and fans come together and create content for us all to share and enjoy together. I made sure to pick dates that give us all enough time to generate new content, but old content (reblogs) is of course welcomed and even encouraged. anon-omis and I have set up a side blog, alistairweek (it is barebones right now) and will reblog anything that is properly tagged as #alistairweek. 

Theme Days

August 9th: King Alistair Day

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is King of Fereldan. Art, stories, graphics and screen-caps- whatever you please as long as he’s wearing the crown (figuratively). 

August 10th: Warden Alistair Day

All things associated with a world state in which Alistair is a Warden. Same as before!

August 11th: Other Fate Alistair Day

Is Alistair dead (sad face), exiled or a traveling drunkard in your world state? Perhaps a jester for the Orlesian court? 

August 12th: Alistair and Friendships Day

All about the friendships he may/may not have with other companions and characters! 

August 13th: Alistair and Family Relationship Day

All about Alistair and his family- Maric, Fiona, Cailan–Goldanna, or those he considered family like Duncan. 

August 14th: Alistair x Warden Pairing Day

Anything and everything associated with Alistair and the Warden pairing. Can be romantic, platonic or whatever you want. 

August 15th: Alistair x Rare Pair Day

Do you pair Alistair with somebody else? Hawke? The Inquisitor? Cheese? Whatever you want; today’s your day! 

Some notes: This is all about having fun and generating content for Alistair’s character. Respect your fellow followers / fans with the appropriate tags but I cannot stress this enough: HAVE FUN

So my first Taylor concert was May 11th, 2010 at the Nassau Coliseum, and here’s me opening the tickets on Christmas morning.

And although there’s only a single picture of my mom and I, I’d prefer not to post it simply because I’m crying due to the group of girls in front of me who were really tall and I couldn’t see Taylor at all (my mom took these pictures).

Then in 6th grade (2011), I dressed up as Taylor from the YBWM video for Halloween

6th grade was also the year when Speak Now was at Madison Square Garden which was completely sold out and impossible to find tickets (that weren’t $900 a piece).


Then on July 13th, 2013 (7th grade, going into 8th), I went to the Red Tour. All my pictures are on my other computer, but here’s a picture of my sister and I before I had my emotional breakdown because tAYLOR SWIFT.

Then on August 21st (going into 9th grade) Taylor LIKED MY INSTAGRAM POST.

And then here’s me when 1989 came out.

And here’s my dog attacking me in the process

And then a few days later, October 30th, I skipped school to see Taylor perform in Times Square, which was super awesome because I was about 5 feet away.

And Scott and Andrea were about 10 feet behind me (also very cool).

And here’s a horribly embarrassing picture of me with my siblings, very uncomfortable because we were up since 4am and it was freezing.

And on Valentine’s day, I printed out a bunch of Taylor Swift v-day cards, and handed them out to people around school, which is kind of a big step for me considering I’m a lame freshman in a sea of upperclassmen, but it was very exciting and everyone seemed to have thought it was funny.

On May 17th, my new Swiftie friends, Julia (attractivefriend) and Kelvin (republicofswift) came over to watch the Bad Blood premier, and it was pretty damn awesome.

A few months later, Taylor liked 3 different posts, and then on June 1st, she followed me.

And I cried for 3 hours and choked on a meatball. Here’s a Snapchat that my friend put in her bio.

I also printed them out and stuck them around the house.

And recently, I created a group chat with now 10 of my closest friends, and they are absolutely hilarious and turn the shittiest day into the greatest. We call ourselves the “poTAYto Squad.”

(noitsolivia // republicofswift // kaleidoscope-heartbeat-s // taylorconda //indierecordtaylor // coffeeallalonee // looseslips // welcometonewyorkcitay //sarahcarinhas // givingoutchanceseverytime)

And this is all because of Taylor, who’s impacted my life since the 2nd grade. I’m now 15, and going into the 10th grade, so thank you, Taylor, for raising me into the person I am today. You’re absolutely wonderful. taylorswift Kelvin (republicofswift) and I will be in section 232A this Friday, July 10th all dressed up with posters (we’ll post pictures later on this week). Love you lots, and thanks again, Taylor<3

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Silent Siren; Sai Sai to perform in Indonesia!

In August and September this year, Silent Siren will be heading down to Indonesia twice for two respective lives!

On 9th August, they’ll play live at Boulevard University Indonesia’s school festival, “GELAR JEPANG 21”. This is a festival that is held annually by students of Japanese Studies Programme. Their official Facebook and Twitter links are HERE and HERE respectively.

On 19th September, they’ll also be holding their first-ever one-man live in Jarkarta, titled「Silent Siren Live in Jakarta」. It will be held at the Upper Room Jarkarta, and start promptly at 7PM local time. Further details TBA.

anonymous asked:

I just really want to fuck you for like fave days straight

only on the fave days? what if our fave days don’t sync up? Like, my fave days would have to be March 9th, August 13th, October 1st, and December 24th… any other days are not my fave.

Updated FE:If Birthday List
  1. Gunther - June 13th
  2. Felicia & Flora - February 19th
  3. Joker - December 3rd
  4. Rinka - February 5th
  5. Suzukaze & Saizou - October 2nd
  6. Sakura - April 9th
  7. Azure - March 3rd
  8. Hana - March 28th
  9. Tsubaki - February 7th
  10. Cyrus - November 1st
  11. Orochi - June 19th
  12. Hinoka - August 18th
  13. Asama - September 9th
  14. Setsuna - May 20th
  15. Tsukuyomi - September 19th
  16. Oboro - November 28th
  17. Hinata - May 10th
  18. Takumi - December 14th
  19. Kagerou - July 26th
  20. Yuugiri - November 7th
  21. Nishiki - July 12th
  22. Ryouma - May 1st
  23. Crimson - August 3rd
  24. Asura - December 21st
  25. Elise - March 19th
  26. Harold - January 14th
  27. Elfie - April 13th
  28. Odin - July 15th
  29. Zero - April 22nd
  30. Nyx - February 17th
  31. Camilla - November 30th
  32. Luna - January 21st
  33. Belka - February 26th
  34. Lazward - August 7th
  35. Pieri - December 24th
  36. Benoit - March 24tn
  37. Charlotte - May 4th
  38. Leon - June 30th
  39. Flannel - October 30th
  40. Marx - October 27th
  41. Mozume - October 6th
  42. Izana - December 29th
  43. Fuuga - January 8th
  44. Yukimura - April 28th
  45. Kanna - April 19th
  46. Shigure - June 6th
  47. Deere - November 16th
  48. Sophie - July 21st
  49. Midoriko - May 17th
  50. Shinonome - August 22nd
  51. Kisaragi - July 4th
  52. Grey - January 1st
  53. Kinu - October 20th
  54. Hisame - September 27th
  55. Mitama - June 26th
  56. Matoi - July 6th
  57. Syalla - April 1st
  58. Siegbert - May 28th
  59. Foleo - March 13th
  60. Ignis - August 16th
  61. Velour - October 11th
  62. Lutz - September 5th
  63. Ophelia - September 15th
  64. Soleil - August 31st
  65. Eponine - January 31st
  66. Anna - June 10th