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Next year, on August 9th, will mark the 20th anniversary of the Bokujou Monogatari series in Japan.

It was August 9th, 1996 that the first game launched on the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo elsewhere) and kickstarted a franchise that to this day still stands as the most popular video game series about growing vegetables and raising cattle.

It would be really neat if the fan base all joined together in a year-long celebration of all things Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons next year, starting on the 1st of January. 


Goblin: The Lonely & Great God, I'm not ready to say goodbye.

Hmmm…I don’t really know what to say. Goblin ended and I feel empty but I also feel glad in a strange way. I don’t know I might be losing it. Am I the only one? 2016 was filled with craziness for me as a kdrama addict. Firstly when Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo was announced I was elated. I counted down the days, I prayed 29th August would come sooner. But even before Moon Lovers aired, on 9th August it was announced that Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo would be doing a drama together! 

LIKE OMFG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE KIM GO EUN. I have watched every movie she was in and of course Cheese In the Trap too. Anyway I was glad they were gonna air it after Moon Lovers, I was so freaking excited. But Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo broke me and left me devastated, like I’m not even kidding. Even after the drama ended I would wake up in the middle of the night and cry or as I’m going on with my day suddenly I would stop whatever I’m doing and just cry. It may seem a little silly to people but I loved that drama with all my heart, with everything I had. 

The characters were real to me, I laughed with them I cried with them, I fell in love and loved with them. I shared their pain, their misery, and their heartbreaks. It was real, it was raw, and it was remarkable. 

But my excitement for Goblin kinda decreased cause I was scared to invest my feelings and time into another drama and not just any genre but a fantasy genre drama. I was looking forward to it though so while waiting, 15 days after Moon Lovers ended, Weightlifting Kim Bok Ju was aired. Though I felt a sting whenever Nam Joo Hyuk was on the screen (My Baek-ah otokaeee), overtime I started loving the story and the characters. It was everything I needed after Moon Lovers. A light, fluffy, coming of age drama. While it was airing, 16 days later Goblin was aired and OMG it was amazing and perfect since Episode 1. I fell in love and I knew, I just knew that I was gonna invest everything I had into the drama and I did. The devastation, the emptiness that Moon Lovers made me feel did not matter. I wanted to give everything I had emotionally to Goblin. But as I was focusing on Goblin, I was watching WLFKBJ too and before I knew it, it ended. I experienced withdrawal symptoms but it wasn’t as bad. I recovered within a week. It doesn’t mean I loved the drama and characters any less though. I learnt so much from each of the characters, I was upset when it ended but I had Goblin. 

The combination of being destroyed by Moon Lovers and experiencing withdrawal symptoms, I depended on Goblin like there was no tomorrow. I watched every episode live and I re-watched each episode at least 4 times. Again I laughed, I cried and I loved with the characters. I loved every moment of the drama and I do not regret investing my time and feelings. I do feel a sting now that it has ended but I’m glad we were blessed with such an amazing drama. The cast and crew were more than perfect, they worked hard and I hope they achieved their goals and whatever they wanted to through this drama. Kim Shin. Ji Eun Tak. Wang Yeo. Sun Hee. Deok Hwa. Secretary Kim. And the deities. You worked hard. 

Every episode, every minute, every second, every character, everything shined. Everyday and every time I watched Goblin, it shined. Because the characters were in love and happy. Because the characters were heartbroken and wrecked. Every episode shined. 

I’m already looking forward to the cast’s next project. I will continue to support them and love them in my own way. Goblin ended, but it’s not really goodbye now is it. (I’m crying, as I’m typing, aigoo). Now excuse me while I curl up at a corner and bawl my eyes out as I try to blow out candles.

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Winston Churchill on the stern of the British battleship HMS Duke of York in August 1941. On the 9th of that month Duke of York had pulled into Placentia Bay on the southeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. There the ship in the background, USS Augusta, was waiting with U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In America the press and public were told he was on a ten day fishing trip. This was the first of eleven wartime meetings between Churchill and Roosevelt.

As Duke of York had crossed through a vicious Atlantic storm Churchill passed the time drafting the Atlantic Charter. It detailed the goals and aims of the Allied powers concerning the war (which America had not yet joined) and the post-war world. It’s an interesting thing that in those bleak days Churchill had already grown sure of eventual victory. The Atlantic Charter became the basis of the United Nations, with Britain and America effectively vowing to succeed where the League of Nations had so clearly failed. Roosevelt warmed to Churchill, becoming far less opportunistic in his aid to Britain and evermore an ally.

verse. ❈ power resides only where men believe it resides.

primary. ❈ open.

dob. 9th august 1892.

name. seraphina theodosia picquery. 

child of a scholar and an adventurer of converse personalities, she was raised under the compassionate influence of her father and the firmly powerful authority of her mother. at a young age, her father leaves for work, never returning, despite a decade-long anguish and longing for him to come home. 

picquery is a deeply intelligent and passionate individual, whose greater power lies in her ability to theorise and consider many viewpoints, following the path of greatest advantage to herself or those in her care. her highly passionate nature leads to occasional oversight, making her compassion both her strength and weakness.

the earliest moments of her career are spent in communications related to espionage during wwi, where she is stationed, between 1917-1918 in limoges. after success and commendation in her efforts at the age of 25,  she returned to america, continuing to pursue an interest in communications post-war. her specific goal for discussions was to ensure strength in alliance to prevent such a tragedy as world war one ever re-occurring. 

her awareness of alliances and ability to broker them only amounted to her name, from her previous reputation as the only student of her generation at ilvermorny to be accepted into all 4 houses. in 1919 her name was widely recognised by most at macusa, at the age of 26, for her formidable ability in mediation between world leaders. 

in the later months of 1920 she takes to power as president of the magical congress of the united states of america, where she remains in power until her premature death in 1928 at the hands of grindelwald.