I honestly wish I knew what to make of photographer Terry O'Neill.

For years he has been telling the story about how he had been invited to Sharon’s house on the night of August 9th. The most recent instance of him bringing this up was an interview with The Guardian which ran at the end of January.

If his entire claim was just what he said in that interview, I could look at it as being more believable. However, that is not the case.

In his book Celebrity, he goes into more detail, which you can read above.

His statement, to anyone who knows anything about Sharon’s traveling in 1969–it is an obvious (and poor) lie.

There is no possible way he could have photographed her in London two days before she died. She left London around early July and sailed back to the USA. She did not go on any flights because of her pregnancy. Her death did not occur until August.

If he lies about the circumstances involving his last photo session with her, why should anyone believe that he was invited to her house that night?

There’s been a gigantic list over the years of people who claimed to have been invited to her house that night, but declined. Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Susann, John Phillips, Robert Evans, Lynn Carey, Sheilah Wells, etc.

The one I 100% believe is Sheilah Wells because she had been trying to get Sharon to stay at her home because it was very hot at that time and the air conditioning at Sharon’s house was broken. She knew Sharon was uncomfortable and wanted to help her. Robert Evans has the next most realistic claim because Roman had asked him to keep an eye on Sharon for him while he was still working in London.

There still remains the myth that Sharon was trying to have some party that night. There was no party planned. When Debra had called earlier that day wanting to bring a couple of friends over, Sharon she didn’t want to do that because she didn’t want to get dressed and put on makeup and play hostess. It was August in Los Angeles, the heat was incredible, her house had no air conditioning. She’d swim around in her pool to try to cool off. She was 8 ½ months pregnant and uncomfortable. She wasn’t having any parties. If anyone was invited to her home for a party, it was for Roman’s birthday. He was set to return to LA just prior to his birthday and she did want to have some kind of celebration for that.

When it comes right down to it. I have no idea if there is any truth to what Terry O'Neill claims.


Up at 8:30am, arriving at 9:45am. Ringo first at 10:15 with the others arriving just after eleven. 

Policeman gets quite excited at a few people, and Ian missed the picture. 

George [???] and I go to Regents Park Zoo and meditate in the sun. To Krishna temple for lunch and studio for 3pm. 

Yoko, John and Ringo went to Paul + Linda’s for lunch. It was very nice. 

A page from Mal Evans’ 1969 diary, describing the day of the Abbey Road photoshoot (8th August 1969) and including Mal’s sketch of the photo/album artwork. 

Photo: Mal Evans / Mal Evans Estate.

Brace up for the Fashion that can’t fall down. Brace yourselves, ladies. For gentlemen, they’re out. Almost as out as knickerbockers and woolly combinations. But for ladies, braces are back, and nearly as in as the knickers which Paris presented recently. But whereas grandad probably thought five bob quite pricey enough for his, this female version in gilt chain attached to a black Corfam belt will set the fair sex back all of £11. But then, they’re pretty exclusive braces - all the way from Paris House, London, Belt Makers (and perhaps braces makers?) By appointment to the Royal Family. After spending £11 on the braces it doesn’t leave a girl much over for the other clothing essentials. Still, see-through and nudity being all the rage, there’s an easy solution. If your garden’s sheltered, wear them with jeans as the next most daring thing to a to. August 8, 1969


Kinfauns (and a cameo by Jostick, it seems!), photographed on 8 August 1969. Photos © Stock Photo

More photographs and information about Kinfauns, the home in which George and Pattie lived from 1964 until their move to Friar Park in early 1970, can be found here.

“We were painting everything at that time; we were painting our houses, our clothes, our cars, our shop! Everything.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]


On this day in music history: December 31, 1969 - Jimi Hendrix debuts his new band Band Of Gypsys at the Fillmore East in New York City. The blues rock trio consists of Hendrix on guitar and vocals along with drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox (the latter being an army buddy of Hendrix’s whom he jammed with while both were in the service). The band is formed in the wake of the demise of The Experience with Cox having played with Jimi at Woodstock in August of 1969. Band Of Gypsys are booked to play four shows spread over two nights at the legendary New York City venue which are videotaped and recorded. Playing mostly original material, recordings from the New Years Eve performances surface as the album “Band Of Gypsys” released by Capitol Records in March 1970, in order to fulfill an earlier contractual agreement Hendrix had with the label. In spite of excellent on stage chemistry between the musicians, the bands’ time together is short lived. The Band Of Gypsys implodes only a month later after a gig at Madison Square Garden is aborted two songs into the performance, when Hendrix gets into a verbal altercation with a woman in the audience, and then abruptly leaves the stage.