Kinfauns (and a cameo by Jostick, it seems!), photographed on 8 August 1969. Photos © Stock Photo

More photographs and information about Kinfauns, the home in which George and Pattie lived from 1964 until their move to Friar Park in early 1970, can be found here.

“We were painting everything at that time; we were painting our houses, our clothes, our cars, our shop! Everything.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

The blood-splattered front entrance to 10050 Cielo Drive, the home of movie star Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski.

In August 1969 Tate was viciously murdered alongside friends in the living room. As she lay dying one of her murderers dipped a finger in her blood and wrote “PiG” on the front door, before fleeing into the night.

Crime scene photograph showing the injuries inflicted on Leno LaBianca, a victim of the Manson Family cult.

Mr LaBianca was a successful businessman who lived with his wife Rosemary. On August 10, 1969, he was awoken on the couch by Tex Watson and Charles Manson, who demanded all his money and his wife’s jewellery. After being tied to the bed and gagged, Tex Watson fetched a butcher’s knife from the kitchen and began stabbing Leno in a frenzy. Two female cult members - Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel - also grabbed knives and viciously attacked Rosemary LaBianca as she cowered on the floor begging for mercy. Charles Manson decided not to partake in the murders and was sitting outside in the car with the stolen property.

After Leno LaBianca was dead, Patricia was instructed to take the knife and mutilate him. She carved the words “WAR” into his abdomen, and used Rosemary’s blood to daub messages on the walls with her fingers. The three cultists then disappeared into the night.


The Beatles during their last photo session, Tittenhurst Park, 22 August 1969 (Photos via

Photos: Ethan Russell

“The Beatles had started out being something that gave us a vehicle to be able to do so much when we were younger, but it had now got to a point where it was stifling us. There was too much restriction. It had to self-destruct, and I wasn’t feeling bad about anybody wanting to leave, because I wanted out myself. I could see a much better time ahead being by myself, away from the band. It had ceased to be fun and it was time to get out of it. It was like a straitjacket.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]