“Yeh muh pe itne baal kyun hai! cheek nahi aati aapko?!…apni shakal dekhke dar gaye na aap?!…lekin itna sab kuch kyun pehnte hai aap?, mujhe nahi achcha lagta,..aap pareshaan nahi hote?! yeh sab kya hai..yeh jacket!..kitni garmi lag rahi hai mujhe aur yeh gale ka patta..sar pe yeh…………!!”

AUGUST 11. 2015

So tomorrow is a huge day for the Pretty Little Liars family. Many of us have stayed up days and nights trying to figure out who A is and developed theories and videos about it. Many of us started watching the show when we were in high school and are now in college. Many, sadly, have passed without ever knowing who A is. Others have had emotional breakdowns and an existential crisis throughout the path of this show. The ships, the mystery, the intrigue that this show has caused. It all comes down to this day. We are at the climax of this show and I would just like to take this moment to say that whatever happens tomorrow, I still love you all. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

For all of you who hate the idea of Wren being Charles/A:

Just remember this… Marlene King has been saying for a long time that it is more about the WHY than the WHO.

And even more recently, like over the last couple of months, she has been claiming that we have all the pieces to the puzzle, and we just have to put them together ourselves. She WANTED us ALL to figure out WHO it was before the finale. And she said it’d be very easy to do. 

Now look at us…. Half of us are convinced that it is in fact Wren, and the other half are so upset by the idea of it being Wren, and hate that it makes so much sense.

That right there should tell you that it is most likely Wren. BUT, don’t be upset yet. PLEASE don’t get angry at the writers, or the other PLL Blogs writing the theories. Because I truly believe we have not ruined the WHY by guessing the WHO.

We are supposed to feel bad for Charles. I know there are a large part of us that feel like that would be nearly impossible… but the fact that they seem to think that we could possibly feel bad for him, makes me believe that there is so much to the story that we don’t know yet. 

I truly believe there is more to it than just Charles being put in Radley when he was younger. Remember, he hasn’t been targeting his parents. At least not until recently. Before that, he was targeting the girls. ALL of them. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Alison… and even Mona. There is a reason for this. There is something that ties them all together, and to Charles, that we don’t know about yet. I believe that THIS is the WHY of the story that Marlene claims to be so important.

And if you watched the sneak peek of the first two minutes of the finale like I did… then you might believe this too. Because even the girls themselves are telling him that they understand. Why do you think that is?? It’s because they themselves have heard a side of the story that they never knew or understood. And now that they know it, they want to save him. 

THINK ABOUT IT! THINK ABOUT WHAT THAT MEANS! I don’t think we’re just getting the story about the night Ali disappeared. I think we’re getting the WHOLE story… about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that has been happening in Rosewood, since before anything ever even started. 

So if you are one of the people who are extremely upset about the fact that all these Wren theories make sense, and you don’t want it to be him, or you’re just worried about not being surprised… don’t be upset! There is still A LOT of hope for this episode, for the story, and for a shock factor! I really believe that!

There’s my PLL motivational speech for the day, hahaha