august w. booth


“Oh my, who is that?” (Y/n) heard Ruby from the otherside of Granny’s.
(Y/N) turned around after she finished cleaning the table, almost bumping in the handsome stranger Ruby had been eyeing. “Oh I’m so sorry.” (Y/n) apologized immediately.
“Can I get a coffee?” He asked her
“Anything for you handsome.” (Y/n) winked before she got him the cup of coffee.
“You know I saw him first right?” Ruby argued
“I call dips.” (Y/N) joked before returning to the table. “One coffee for the mysterious stranger.” She placed the coffee in front of him, waiting for him to introduce himself, which he didn’t “You got a name stranger?”
“August W. Booth” He looked her in the eye “And I’m not interested.”
“Well then, if you ever feel like having a drink don’t hesitate to ask.” (Y/N) told him.

“Not much luck I see.” Ruby concluded after she got back behind the bar.
A grin got on her face when (Y/N) noticed that although he said no, he kept looking at her. “I don’t give up that easily, I like a challenge.”
After that day she tried to flirt with him a couple more times, but everytime he cut her off. When he started flirting with Emma, (Y/N) had let it go.

It had been a couple weeks since August had arrived and (Y/N) had stopped flirting with him not long after he did. For some reason that annoyed him, he was intrigued by her appearance, by her way she talked to the people that came to granny’s. He took place at the bar, right in front of her.

“What can I do for you?” Well at least she spoke to him.
“How about that drink you offered me, not too long ago.” He suggested
“I believe you were flirting with Emma not long after my offer. I’m sorry but I’m not one for being a second choice.”
“Believe me if I say, you never have been a second choice to me (Y/N).” August assured her, and something convinced her that he meant every word.

A/N: My first request! Requested by anon, I have never written anything with august so hopefully it turned out a bit like you wanted to. Feedback is always appreciated, if you have a request, don’t hesitate and send it in!


3 times emma touched august + 1 time she almost did in “Poor Unfortunate Soul”