august shoot


Fantastic Fashion shoot by Susan Wood.
models in a green and purple floral print dresses in Central Park, New York, August 1966. This photos was taken as part of a fashion shoot for Glamour Magazine in 1966. Photos by Susan Wood


Still chipping away at the pile of gifs. Have some casual eyefuckery, the main cause of sudden death for photographers and audiences everywhere. (x)


Color palette challenge Borderlands edition

I’m sorry;; most of them look awful. Under pictures I wrote url of each person who gave me request.


Right. Maybe the last ones, but then again, maybe not. A different leather jacket, also profile. (x)

Fairy tail 524

Cana : “FAIRY GLITTER!” *shoot*

August : *dodge*

Cana : “hey fuck”


Acnologia : *still kicking the crap out of Eileen* “whatchu gonna do now?!”

*fairy glitter blast him in the head, get knocked face down on the floor, he’s eating the dirt*

Eileen’s spirit : “Ha! Eat shit, Acnologia!”

Acnologia : *growling* “fuuuuuuuck


Right. So 4 seconds of footage can be turned into 6 gifs. True, the last two are the first 5 at fewer frames, but that strand of hair is just mesmerising to watch. But I’m fine. I’m great. I don’t have a problem. (x)

John Merlin Taylor, 52, was a model mail carrier at the Orange Glen post office in Escondido, California, who had earned several “Employee of the Quarter” awards, but he wasn’t unaffected by the stress of the job and had recently confided in a friend, “I hope to God I can make it to retirement.” During a conversation one work-day with Johnny Sims, Taylor mentioned Patrick Sherrill’s 1986 shooting and joked, “You gotta watch for those postal carriers. You never know when they are going to go crazy and shoot you.” Two days later on August 10, 1989, after shooting his sleeping wife twice in the head, he arrived for work in his typical blue uniform carrying a .22-caliber pistol and a box of 100 rounds of ammunition. Around 7:30 a.m., as Richard Berni and Ron Williams were enjoying their coffee and cigarettes before starting the day at a picnic table outside the office, they were both killed. Williams was shot in the head and Berni suffered a fatal wound to the chest. Taylor continued onto the loading dock, where he began shooting indiscriminately, hitting a co-worker in the shoulder. One other person was wounded with a broken nose when she fell down a flight of stairs. Taylor then shot himself in the head and was pronounced brain dead when he arrived at the hospital. His relatives took him off life support the next day.

A suicide note was later found by his stepchildren in one of his jackets, which began with, “If you get this, I’ll probably be dead.” It was addressed to his two older sons from a previous marriage, and he told them, “Don’t let this destroy your lives. I love you all.” Taylor offered only a vague comment about his motivation: “I’m really ready to go, and these assholes have given me a reason.”