august rocks

Killian like
  • Killian: wow what a time to be alive
  • Killian: I just helped my mate find closure
  • Killian: I have his blessing
  • Killian: I'm gonna propose to my true love Emma Swan
  • Killian: I'm on top of the world
  • *August rocks up*
  • Killian: oh hi August good fellow, how are you on this fine evening? Give these to David you say? Yeah sure no worries
  • Killian: ah fuck

01- Until Now
02- Lone Star State Of Mine, Written by River Phoenix
03- What Love Is, Written by River Phoenix
04- Standing On A Rock

In August 1993, Phoenix described the title track “Lone Star State of Mind”, “It originated from deep emotion and solitude and many days of being alone and in LA and a lot of childhood memories. It’s an ode to solitude and preservation of one’s independence and i guess, self-confidence.”


We haven’t categorized ourselves. And I don’t think we’ve thrown ourselves at the public as much as a lot of other people who say they haven’t—we don’t put ourselves in the way of glory. But three years is such a short time to start making any grand assessment. We’ve had the opportunity to be superduper incredible stars, and we could have lived on that much more than we have done, but I think it’s just a case of holding back all the time, because if you take the reins that are given to you, you end up destroying yourself—overdoing it, over playing it, over living it, and suddenly finding out that the things from your past don’t fit in at all with what you’re doing now. Therefore it’s much better for me to go home and be as I have been for years and years and years, than make some new being out of myself… —Robert Plant (Rock Magazine, August 1971)