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PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES. West Bank. Beit Lahiya. August 2014. Residents survey the damage done by Israeli airstrikes. Gaza officials say that more than 1,830 Palestinians have died [actually +2000] in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, most of them civilians [around 70%]. 

Photograph: Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times

The Ohio Wolfman: A Real Werewolf Terrorizing Residents of Ohio

Ohio, a state forgotten by many, keeps within it a surplus of ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. But could it’s vast forests and rural communities be hiding something sinister?

Defiance Ohio is a small town that sits along the border of Michigan. In August of 1972, three residents were attacked in the early morning hours between 1:00a.m. and 4:30a.m. The witnesses described the attacker as a person with “some kind of animal head.” The police thought rationally and assumed it was a person in a mask, but the witnesses assured them it was no man. Over the next few weeks, multiple people in Defiance witnessed and reported to the police a “Wolfman” or a “very hairy” and some even called it “a beast” with long fangs. They claimed it stood 6-8 feet tall, non human, aggressive and had hairy feet. The sightings eventually ceased and the case ran cold. The police will never know what was stalking the residents of the town. Nearby the town of Delphos reports simulator sightings as well as Eagle Creek of which native tribes speak of “skin-walkers,” men who could transform into a wolf by wearing it’s skin.

Do we truly live among what was thought to be no more than fairytales? Could the Michigan Dogman and Beast of Bray Road be the same type of creature spotted in north western Ohio? Was the Wolfman of Defiance just a man in a mask like the police believe? The truth may never be known. The police case is closed, but yet the animal roams free.

Character Bio...I think?

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NAME: L’dhala Tia
HEIGHT: Tall, at around 170cm.
SPECIES: Seeker of the Sun
▌ GENDER: Male
NATIONALITY: Thanalanian
NAMEDAY: 15th Sun of the 4th Astral Sun (15th of August)
RESIDENCE: The Mists, a personal apartment in the Sunny Seas Salvage mansion. Oftentimes out in the field hunting however, the fields his second home practically.
▌ ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good (?)
DRINK: Light apple cider with a dash of lemon; the bitterness and sweetness balance each other well, undertoned with the taste of alcohol.
FOOD: A well-cooked rare steak with a side of fried spring onions. The meat is preferred from bigger, fatter beasts such as aurochs or aldgoats. 
▌ SNACK: Properly seasoned jerky beats most things really. Dhala is by far not a fan of sweets, biscuits or cakes.
PET: He doesn’t seem to be a fan of taking care of one.
▌ COLOR: Red…which shade? Hard to tell.
FLOWER: Dandelion
▌ SEXUALITY: Heterosexual with occasional bicurious leanings to a minor degree. Open-relationship sort of person.
BODY TYPE: Toned. The man is definitely not a bodybuilder but his body is certainly muscled and with a measure of flexibility to its form, more akin to a, say, cheetah than a lion to compare to big cats. 
EYE COLOR: Heterochromatic with left orange, right green.
HAIR COLOR: Ginger with beige streaks through it.

Simple Character Bio: Caithe Faulkner

NAME: Caithe Faulkner
HEIGHT: 5′11″
SPECIES: Highlander
▌ GENDER: Female
NAMEDAY: 7th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (August 7)
RESIDENCE: Gyr Abania, Rhalgr’s Reach, Ala Mhigo (currently: Thanalans; primarily Little Ala Mhigo)
MARITAL STATUS: Single, noncommittal
▌ ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
DRINK: Whiskey
FOOD: Red Meats, Breads, Stews
▌ SNACK: Jerky, Dark Chocolates
PET: Kou (hawk)
▌ COLOR: Red, Brown, Green
FLOWER: Snapdragons
▌ SEXUALITY: Bisexual
BODY TYPE: Curvy, Soft Muscle Definition
EYE COLOR: Dark Green
HAIR COLOR: Mahogany

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A sweet set of photos of sisters Princess Benedikte, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark enjoying Grasten Palace, where they used to enjoy the palace every summer with their parents, Queen Ingrid and King Frederick IX of Denmark. This year marks the 80th anniversary of when Ingrid and Frederick IX first used Grasten as the Royal Family’s summer residence. || August 7th, 2016


♦ NAME: Lo’ah Halial
HEIGHT: 6′6″
SPECIES: Keeper of the Moon (part Highlander)
♦ GENDER: Male
NAMEDAY: 3rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (August 3rd)
RESIDENCE: A small house in the outskirts of Lavender Beds
MARITAL STATUS: Single (married OOC’ly)
♦ ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral (propably)
DRINK: Tea, Water, Beer
FOOD: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Berries
♦ SNACK: Jerky, anything sweet.
PET: a huge chocobo named Marble
♦ COLOR: Grey tones / White / Black, Gold, Red, Green, Brown
FLOWER: Wisteria & Snowball Bush (Viburnum opulus Sterilis)
BODY TYPE: Builtfat, a bit chubby, Strong

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Come to Bootleg Bar tomorrow to see ROBERT FRANCIS for his August Residency, this time he will be joined by THE LONELY WILD and JACK LITTMAN!

Hello friends: Some tough news about the upcoming book.

With a really sad and heavy heart, I’ve decided to delay the publication of We Walked Each Other Home, indefinitely.

Here’s why.
I came to a crisis of conscience about releasing a book about chaplaincy while I was still a chaplain at my current hospital.
It’s a bit like the pastor who uses stories of his own church members in the pulpit. It’s not the worst thing, but it also feels like it’s “too soon.”
None of this is really about the privacy issue, which I had taken immeasurably great pains to ensure, but about simple respect for the patients at this present moment.
(This isn’t backdoor bragging, by the way. Every fiber in my being wants to release the book.)

The earliest I would feel at peace to release a book of chaplaincy experiences would be after my residency, in August of 2017. So it could be released in the not-too-distant future.

It’s true that some of these writings were on my blog. The difference between blog posts and a book, while seemingly the same, is vastly different to me. The former is a little fleeting amidst daily posts, and the latter is a permanent stamp in my oeuvre. In any case, I’ll still be blogging about it sometimes, and I want to exercise care in how I blog about it, too.

Please know, this is extremely painful for me to stop the publication, as it will be for those who had been promised a book.

Please pray for me, as I’m a bit devastated by the loss. I’m also encouraged by each of your kind words and blessings.
Love you, friends, and thank you once again for being a part of this journey.