august osage county


Benedict Cumberbatch as Little Charles in August: Osage County.

THAT scene. ;) 

EDIT: re-uploaded. let me know if you still can’t watch it.

AND the whole song is here.   some caps here


– I missed Uncle Bev’s funeral, and I know how they feel about me CHARLIEWho, how who feels about you? Feels what about you?LITTLE CHARLESAll of them. I know what they say.CHARLIEThey don’t say things about you LITTLE CHARLESI see how they are. I don’t blame them. I’m sorry I let you down, Dad.CHARLIEYou haven’t let me down. You never let me down. Now listen here… you’re wrong about these people, they love you. Some of them haven’t gotten a chance to see what I see: a fine man, very loving, with a lot to offer. Now take this…(gives Little Charles a handkerchief)Give me my comb. Stand up straight. Look folks in the eye. And stop being so hard on yourself.  LITTLE CHARLESI love you, Dad.CHARLIELove you too, son.August: Osage County (Tracy Letts)


Benedict Cumberbatch as Little Charles

from DVD extras - deleted scenes. please link back if you want to repost or gif it.