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wait... when did gmw compare rilaya to betty and veronica??? i am confused

2x10 - Girl Meets the New Teacher

Auggie: Okay, Riley. I finished this Archie comic book you gave me.
Riley: I wanted to start him on the road to good books.
Maya: What’d ya learn from it, Augs?

Auggie: Wellll, this dark-haired girl and this blonde girl both like the same boy and they all stay best friends. Could that really happen?

Riley: Nahhh.

Maya: Okay!

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like in the writers tweet it says “The first show, love. This show, friendship” okay so seeing as how they’re writers if they start the statement with “The first show…” The next part of the the statement would lead me to believe that it would be “the last show…” but no he said THIS SHOW.


Wills tweet is just self explanatory.








_John Lennon, Paul McCartney and/e Ringo Starr; The Beatles; United States/Estados Unidos; Ohio; Cincinnati; Crosley Field; August 21st 1966/21 de agosto de 1966. 

_Source/Fonte: Meet The Beatles for Real.

mafia au

[part two]

Damen was in a meeting when he was told the news, whispered softly into his ear by one his men. He inclined his head slightly without taking his eyes off of his current business adversary, and nodded to indicate he’d heard, signaling for the man to leave so the meeting could continue. He shuffled the information to the back of his mind, and carried on, ignoring the curious look Nikandros sent him. He made himself not react as he faced the golden-haired man in front of him. 

“Something the matter?” Auguste asked from across the conference table, looking squarely at Damen.

Damen shook his head, allowing an easy smile to grace his features. “No, nothing of import.”

Sharing none of their emotions, they carried on with the negotiations.

Afterwards, Damen watched Auguste carefully until he could see outside the conference room windows that he had gotten into his car – alone – and had left the premises. He waved for Nikandros to follow him as he got into the elevator and pushed for the basement levels.

As soon as the doors were securely closed, Nikandros turned to him, his eyes narrowed.

“It was a ploy,” Damen said, answering the unasked question. “The little brother, Laurent, was caught sneaking around the top floors.”

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In case you don't know what's happening right now
  • Disney: Wow GMW has a huge fandom. Wow it was nominated for a LOT of awards. Wow that's a lot of people who want a season for. Wow the actors are really loved by the fans. Wow people get up really early to come to tapings. Wow fans really want to see some great stuff in a season 4. Wow it's our highest rated show. Wow it got hundreds of millions of more votes than the second highest liked show on a poll we made. Wow this is our only show with real life lessons.
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney:
  • Disney: Let's cancel it. Give me a show about a boy who's hand talks. Bizaardvark MUST have another season. OMG GIVE US A STUCK IN THE MIDDLE MOVIE!
  • Fans: What?
  • Actors: *are heartbroken*
  • Fans: hey guys so this really sucks but let's ban together and get Netflix to take on the series! :-)
  • Disney: oh please like that'll happen...
  • Fans: Hey Netflix wanna take on GMW?
  • Netflix: Sure guys! You have really dedicated and caring fans. We'd love to help that kind of a fanbase!! Let's just get the rights from Disney first, okay?
  • Disney: No honey. We're trying to cause misery here don't try and stop us.
255 Days Before You Said My Name

MariChat Week 2 Day 3: Halloween. FEATURING: Lucky Us.


Chat Noir
Just now

Can someone tell me what the point of Halloween is? As if I don’t play enough dress up in my day to day life, now I’m stuck at a costume party.

No offense if you like it, though. It’s just not my thing.


Marinette yelped as a gauze-wrapped mummy bumped into her, almost causing her to drop her phone. She glared at them. “Excuse you,” she snapped, then hurried to catch up to Alya, who wore a witch’s hat and a warty nose that Marinette had customized just for her. The club’s Halloween party was in full swing, monsters and undead things of every sort dancing and drinking and flirting the night away. “How long do we have to be here again?”

Alya looped her arm through Marinette’s. “For as long as it takes you to go home with a handsome stranger.” She noticed her best friend’s sour expression and sighed. “Come on, you’ve been single for months. You can’t keep moping around in the bakery.”

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augustmaturo The #GirlMeetsWorld cast & crew appreciate your #planes4gmw campaign. You guys are so amazing & creative. ❤️