august is tooo long to wait!

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omg wait i’m so lost i recently started stanning shinee like a month ago or so and i keep seeing things about jinki but i never knew what happened ??? HeLp


second…I am so sorry, you probably picked the absolute worst time to join

third…there’s no way i can put everything that happened since August 11th all into my own words without including my own emotions on the matter. and i want to give you like the most unbiased detailing of what happened so here and here and here and here and here are postings done by fyeahjinki on the matter and they span from August 12th-15th because literally after that we haven’t heard a single thing from either SM or anyone else aside from the fact that Jinki was going on hiatus to reflect on his actions (including dropping out of the dome tours and his upcoming drama)

honestly….this will be a lot to take in if you go in blind. So, there is a sexual harassment trigger warning. All of this is nothing to take lightly and if you want to dm me and discuss that’s fine! The last thing i want to do is turn you away from SHINee and Jinki because of something that really should not have gotten as big as it did. It was really….one big hella f****** mess if i must be honest.

but long story short….it’s been over 100 days since Shawols have last seen Jinki’s face and we’re all hoping that he will make his comeback at this Shilla Duty Free Concert that takes place in four days.