august i'm posting this because of you

If I could begin to be

Half of what you think of me

I could do about anything…

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S C H W A B   W E E K
August 18th: favourite setting (the londons, the archive, the moors, etc.)

Truth be told, Victor didn’t care for graveyards, either. He didn’t like dead people, mostly because he had no effect on them. Sydney, conversely, didn’t like dead people because she had such a marked effect on them.
― Victoria Schwab, Vicious

So because @swishyhairbarnes is an evil monster, she’s making me pick my top5 Seb Stan looks (wait was it looks or pics?? I’m going with looks because if this was already hard af picking just 5 Seb pics has got to be impossible). Here you go, Adeline, you jerk <3

In no particular order:

#1 Smol Floofy-haired Seb

#2 The SLCC Look of Sin (plus everything that happened at that glorious con)

Bonus: arm porn.

#3 The Outrageous WS Premiere Black on Black Suit

#4 I don’t even know what to call this one other than ‘RUDE’

#5 The Double-brested suit of Doom

And a few honorable mentions because I just can’t not:

Honorable Mention #1 - The Infamous IM3 Premiere Look

Honorable Mention #2 - The Jacket + Jeans Awesome Combo

Honorable Mention #3 - The ‘The Bronze’ Premiere Black on Black Suit

aaaand there.

Tagging (no obligation, of course!) @luninosity, @brendaonao3, @stephrc79, @leandraholmes@thebestpersonherelovesbucky, @portraitofemmy (it’s not letting me tag you >-<), @steverogersnotebook, @keepbuckybaby, and everyone who loves Seb and wants to do it :DD


Buckle up your seats and hang on for the ride because I’ve decided to upload a Tom Holland or Peter Parker imagine everyday until September 5th. I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE EXCITED BECAUSE I AM.

Posting Schedule:

Monday, August 28: [ x ]

- “How to Break a Heart.” In which Peter craves to break yet another heart

Tuesday, August 29: [ x ]

- “Admiration.” In which Tom can’t help but admire how beautiful you are, causing him to freeze up at the worst possible moment

Wednesday, August 30: [ x ]

- “One Love” Song Preference. In which a girl struggles with the voice of a boy still ticking in her head

Thursday, August 31: [ x ]

- “Lazy Saturdays and Excited Boyfriends.” In which Tom decides to teach his clumsy girlfriend how to dance

Friday, September 1: [ x ]

- “Lost.” In which a girl falls for a boy in the year above them

Saturday, September 2: [ x ]

- “Writer AU” In which a girl learns to love a fleeting writer

Sunday, September 3: [ x ]

- “Fears.” In which Peter desperately tries to protect you from something he can’t see

Monday, September 4: [ x ]

- “How to Mend a Heart [How to Break a Heart part 2].” In which you learn how to move on from someone who meant so much to you

Tuesday, September 5: [ ]

- “Royalties AU.” In which a pressured prince falls in love with an unlikely maiden

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anonymous asked:

Nini, have you seen the cover art of Jealousy vol.1? Rogi looks so fucking sexy omg >////< i am so gonna buy it, i love Rogi so much. bless Beriko and her works. and i'm looking forward to reading your completed scanlation of chapter 4, can't wait. thanks a lot for your work <3

You mean this beautiful piece of art?

Yes, I saw it ^^ 
I forgot to post it tho hehe (but it was because I was working on ch 4 so much so I guess it’s ok xD)

Ch 4 is aaaaalmost done. SOON!!!!! ^^


Ps: Baby Tatsuyuki is telling us with his “DAAAAA!!”, that the release date is August 1st ^^

anonymous asked:

hi! i've been reading some of your posts about art history all night and they're really helpful, so thank you! btw, i'm a university student planning to shift to art history. i really want to know more about what i'm getting myself into (loljk) or at least "prepare" before i go back to school on august. do you have anything, books or maybe even films, that you'd recommend? and what language do you think should i go for, german or french? because i'm okay with learning both. thank you so much!

Hi Anon! I am so sorry I am replying to you well after you have begun school, but I’m finally at a point where I’m able to reply to messages again. I don’t have any films to recommend, but there are tons of books I recommend! I’m not sure what area(s) you’re interested in, but here are the Top 5 I recommend as introductions to the field:

  1. Elkins, James. Stories of Art. New York: Routledge, 2002.
  2. Gombrich, E.H. The Story of Art, 16th Edition. London: Phaidon Press, 1995.
  3. Hall, James. Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols, 2nd Edition. Boulder: Westview Press, 2007.
  4. Hatt, Michael and Charlotte Klonk. Art History: A Critical Introduction to Its Methods. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2006.
  5. Kleiner, Fred S. and Christin J. Mamiya. Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 12th Edition. Stamford: Thomson Wadsworth, 2004.

I can provide further recommendations if you send me a message with particular aspects of art history you are interested in.

As far as languages, whether you learn French or German depends on your educational and career goals. If you will be going to graduate school, learn both. Some programs require German; otherwise, it’s a good language to know regardless as the Germans essentially invented art history as an academic discipline. If you aren’t going to graduate school but want to focus on French painting in undergrad (i.e. for a Senior Thesis), then it would be OK to stick with French. 

I hope this helps and that your studies are going well! Please forgive the lateness of this reply. 

August 13th, 2017

Be a little selfish, Cancer. Be honest and straightforward with what you want. There’s no need to beat around the bush simply because you want to spare someone’s feelings. You will do everyone a favor by laying it out clearly. Refrain from playing mind games just to see how much you can twist people into knots. Such actions will later come back to haunt you.

Last night I dreamed I woke up and found Cheritz posted that V’s route was delayed until the 31st because their employees had off for the Korean hospitality holiday??? And they posted some screenshots and V’s face was on a sphinx in the desert??? In another one he and MC got captured by Rika and were tied up with spiderwebs like in the Hobbit???

NyQuil is one hell of a drug, you guys.

Then I woke up for real and what do we know? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It might have been weird af but at least in my dreams I know what’s up. T-T

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Hi Love in Panem. It's buttercupbadass. I'm still not on Tumblr but I just posted a new story that fits with your Summer Fun theme. Here are the links to AO3 and FF. Well no, they aren't here because it won't allow links. Maybe you can check it out, it's called "Celestial Roadtrip" Thanks again for all you do.

Thank you Buttercupbadass !!!

Here is the link to the story :)

randomthunk  asked:

12 looked to be a major snacker post-s9, which is either a development for him to eat his feelings or, in a more fun light, something he's always done but we didn't see it a lot. What I'm saying is, can you write something with 12 and Clara in the food industry and there's snacking involved.

As ex-food industry, I hate this prompt, but I love this prompt, because food is delicious.

1774 words; my apologies to Shropshire in advance, as I am sure it is very pretty and interesting there; THIS IS FOR KAT’S BIRTHDAY (August 2nd) SO GO WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLEASE


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Hi, I'm tumblr user whatthefoucault and you don't know me but WHY ISN'T THERE MORE SAMNAT IN THE WORLD, it is so Pure and I was 5 minutes into the tag and saw one of my own posts from like bloody August COME ON PEOPLE IT IS SO PURE

I wanna say you know why but that just feels mean, so have a sketch instead

pure purity and goodness


“She told me she dreamt she had died. And she came back as a ghost on Hollywood Boulevard. She’s walking along as a ghost, and no one remembers her. When she died, that was the first thing I thought of, because you never saw such an outpouring of love, almost obsession. I thought, she would be so proud.”
- Candy Moore

R.I.P Lucille Désirée Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989)

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Hii I was just looking for some new-ish taegi fics since ive been out of the fandom for a while and the taegi tag's been a mess and its hard to find some good fics to read. Thank you so much!!!

time for my august favorites!

Writing Update: August 21

Project: What You Will // Status: first draft

Word Count: 1,772

Sentence: But I couldn’t tell Grandma that, so I said I’d joined a gang and ran upstairs to my room.

    It has begun! I spent a week not knowing how to start this and at the same time not caring that I hadn’t begun, and then it started! I’m posting this at a weird time because I am garbage and got inspiration at 10:30 pm and had to start writing. Anyways, it’s going pretty well. Got a lot done. My MC, Violet, is moody af. Also I’m writing in first person and I’m pretty sure I keep switching tenses but that’s future me’s problem. This is a really different experience for me. I’ve never done first person, never done present tense, never done contemporary, and never done a character-driven story. I’m not 100% on the plot yet but I’ve got all my characters pretty well mapped out, so we’ll see what happens. I’m pretty optimistic and open-minded with this project.

    Actually, this inspiration came from a writeblr matchup! I was chatting with my partner for this week and decided what the hell, let’s get writing. it was probably their awesome support and sharing of their own story that got those inspiration juices flowing. Thanks for that!

    Background for What You Will can be found here: X

Things my teachers said on the first week back at school

• [ I don’t know what word I’m looking for] Number, number is the word you’re looking for. Welcome to Maths.

• I know that you all are crazy.. And that’s coming form me.

• If you’re going to graffiti on your jotter at least do it correctly.

• [ Why do you keep picking on me?]
I have to pick on someone every five minutes if not I get bored.

• I’m starting to feel more like a art teacher than a English teacher.

• If you don’t know what you’re laughing at, I think something might be seriously wrong with you.

• [ talking about the computer ]
Come on baby * starts making car sounds*

• Just shave your head , what’s the point of having so much hair.

• If you’re going to make a biology joke in biology than at least make it biologically correct.

fine-piece-of-ass  asked:

Um hi renember me? Im the person who kept bothering u about the vampire au. So sadly Ive been kinda busy lately so I couldn't check up on Tumblr and Im wondering if you already wrote chapter 1 of the vampire au??? U promised to write it on the start of August renember??? No pressure or anything but kinda yeah pressure because I'm thirsty for the au and I think Im gonna die from dehydration soon😑If u did write it then please link me and if you didnt then I'm gonna keep pressuring u (forgive me)

Hi 😉 thank you SO much for your interest. Sadly I have not posted Crimson Haze chapter 1 yet 😅 but I am working on it and I am hoping to have it up this week! Some real life stuff has prevented me from working on it as much as I would have liked. If you’re following this blog I will be posting a link to the fic once it is up. Again thank you so much for your patients and support 🙏