august coleman


“As soon as I get back home I’ll go out and start doing Spider-Man, which I’m very excited about ‘cause I’ve been wanting to break, you know, into a different space in the acting world for a long time. We’re probably gonna have another season of ‘K.C. Undercover’ which I love. I’m [also] very excited about finishing my album, which I hope to be finishing within the next few months; I feel like a lot of young people – specially who’ve ever dealt with, like, love in any form can really relate to. Balancing that with everything else that I have going on and the fashion world is a lot, but it’s great. My number one thing is, you know, all the charity and all the inspirational stuff that I get to do, which is really the reason behind all of this.”

Zendaya interviewed for ESSENCE Magazine | August, 2016

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Deep Breath

The newly regenerated Doctor arrives in Victorian London from the mouth of a dinosaur rampant in the Thames to discover a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions.

“I wear a veil to keep from view what many are pleased to call my disfigurement. I do not wear it as a courtesy to such people, but as a judgement on the quality of their hearts.” - Madame Vastra