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I’m not a numbers gal. I’ve been very direct about my age, never skittish or apologetic. I see things stiffening and sagging. Because of that, I think it’s absolutely crucial to keep everything else flexible and open, which is your mind and heart.

Happy 43rd Birthday, Vera Ann Farmiga! {August 6, 1973}

Of Mafias and Men (6)

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Note: It’s currently around 9 in the morning where I’m from and I’m posting this before I head out somewhere for my birthday~

Again, I would like to thank Sikah who, along with my college friends, made me cry because of their surprise. T__T She also stayed up late so she can read this and give me her thoughts~ <3 Sweet, sweet girl~ haha!

And thank you! For reading this one~ I hope you have a good day!

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N /Taeyong

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Y/N sat in deep thought beside Taeyong in their family limousine that morning. She wondered what Taeyong had eaten for breakfast when he suddenly appeared in front of the doorstep of their tiny house at the back of the Lee’s grand mansion.

“Y/N, can I take you to school today?” he asked her.

She was taken aback but she couldn’t exactly say no. “O…kay?”

Taeyong was being so sudden and so random. It had been years since the last time they went to school together. And they don’t even go the same school now! It felt odd.

“Why?” Y/N asked him as they walked towards the car.

A mysterious smile appeared on his lips and with his back towards her, Taeyong replied, “Because I want to.”

And that was how she ended up with a free ride to school that morning.

“Tae, thank you,” Y/N said, facing Taeyong who was looking at the view outside. “But you didn’t really have to do this.”

Taeyong sighed and took off the palm from which his head rested upon. He diverted his gaze from the view outside and settled it on her.

“Y/N, it’s fine, really.”

“But why all so…sudden?” Y/N creased her brows. She racked her brain for any possible reasons ‘why’ when it hit her. Her eyes went wide. “Do you know?”

It was Taeyong’s turn to furrow his brows. “Know what?”

Her mind went back to the armed men who chased her and Jaehyun yesterday. It felt right to share what happened to Taeyong.

“I think,” Y/N paused to prepared herself for any of Taeyong’s reactions who only pursed his lips and waited for her to continue. “Someone’s after your family. Or at least those close to your family.”

Taeyong’s body language changed, Y/N noted. His muscles flexed, his jaws tensed, and his eyes darted, alert for any possible danger.

“Why? What happened?” His voice was low, almost angry.

“Yesterday, three men chased me.” Y/N trained her eyes on his reactions and saw how Taeyong’s eyes widened a bit. He also gulped down the lump in his throat.

A suspicion was growing inside Y/N that she chose to ignore.

“What?” he stumbled on his question.

“They were armed, Tae,” Y/N continued. She was still studying Taeyong’s reactions. But this time, he learned to keep them neutral. He must have noticed she closely studied him.

It was like a game between them, trying to figure out who will reveal something to the other first.

“Were you hurt?”

Y/N shook her head. Taeyong sounded genuinely concerned this time. “I’m fine as you can see.”

Taeyong nodded. Relieved. “How’d you escape them? Were you alone?”

There it was again. The sharpness in his tone as if asking Y/N to let him on a secret.

Taeyong was used to the two of them sharing anything and everything since they were young. It had always been like that.

“No.” Y/N sighed as she said that.

There it was. Maybe it was time for Taeyong to know about Jaehyun.

A smirk was tugging at the corners of his lips and Y/N thought Taeyong took her ‘no’ as some sort of victory.

Finally, she was sharing him her secret.

“I was with someone, a classmate,” Y/N said. She deliberately avoided the word ‘friend’.

Taeyong’s expression changed again into one of despise. “Just a classmate?”

By this time, Y/N grew annoyed of Taeyong’s tone. Of how accusatory it was, of how disbelieving it was. 

“Honestly, Tae, just what are you hinting at?” There, she finally said it. “If you wanted an answer, you could just ask.”

Taeyong straightened his posture and spoke in a quiet tone that it was eerie. It was the first time in years since they argued.

“Are you even gonna tell me the truth if I just ask? Besides, why couldn’t you just tell me straight, Y/N? Is it so hard to say his name?”

“His?” Y/N raised an eyebrow. Her tone had become higher than before. “So, you already know him. Why bother asking me for his name? I’m sure you already had him investigated as you did with all the others.”

“I don’t need to,” Taeyong said with an undertone. “I just want his name straight out of your lips, Y/N.”

She crossed her arms. “I won’t. You already know him. I don’t have to.”

For once, Y/N got frustrated at how Taeyong wanted to be in everything in her life. “Why can’t I have friends you don’t know, Tae?”

She felt like a kid for pouting. But it was like they were back to being kids with the argument they were having.

Taeyong sighed before leaning closer and trapping her in between his arms. “Because I don’t want to share you, Y/N. What’s mine is mine.”

Then, he directed his gaze on her lips. Y/N noticed the intensity of his gaze and couldn’t help the blush that soon spread across her face.

When she could no longer take the intensity, she diverted his gaze behind him and on to the view outside the window.

“Y/N, look at me.” Taeyong’s voice was low, causing a shiver to run through her body.

With no choice left, Y/N looked at him. He was still staring deep into her eyes. Her face felt twice as hot now.

Slowly, Taeyong leaned closer and closer until there was less than an inch between their faces.

“Tae,”Y/N whispered. She almost felt feverish at their closeness. The way Taeyong stared almost set her on fire.


Just as he was about to close the distance between them, the limousine’s divider went down and the driver’s head peeked in.

“We’ve arrived, sir—Oh. Sorry.” The driver didn’t know where to direct his gaze as he saw the interesting position they were in.

Taeyong tore off his gaze at Y/N to glare at the driver who interrupted something very important. However, Y/N sighed in relief. She was thankful for the distraction.

“Sorry, sir,” the driver said as the divider went up again. “Carry on.” Completed with a wink.

Y/N could only smile in the awkwardness.  

“Well, I better—“

She was silenced when Taeyong pressed his lips against hers but pulled away just as quickly.

“You should go,” Taeyong said, nodding his head. His face was also going red. He obviously didn’t know what else to do and couldn’t look at Y/N in the eye so he settled to fixing his tie.

Feeling still a bit dazed, Y/N just nodded as well and went to open the door. But before she could go out of the car, Taeyong spoke again.

“Be careful of him, Y/N. He’s dangerous.”

By this point, Y/N had gotten used to her cups of morning coffee. The cup, this time, had a note that said, “Smile :)”

“Well, I don’t feel like smiling,” Y/N muttered to herself as she took the lid off and sipped the coffee. Even though she didn’t have a clue of who was behind these cups of coffee, Y/N felt grateful towards that someone. She rarely received any gifts and she considered these coffee cups as one.

What more, there were from the coffee shop she works for.

“Americano,” Y/N observed.

It brought a smile to her lips. She had a feeling Jaehyun was the one behind all of this. Americano reminded her of him.

And she just might start to like the coffee.

But her mind reeled back to the kiss. The hand holding the cup stopped mid-air. She frowned.

Maybe she shouldn’t mind the kiss so much but care about what Taeyong said before they parted.

Jaehyun? Dangerous?

If the way he attacked those men yesterday meant anything, then maybe he was indeed dangerous. Being affiliated with the mafia, Y/N knew if someone was trained in combat and firearms. Jaehyun fitted the description.

But why was he so different, so gentle, with her?

“He couldn’t be, right?” Y/N said to herself.

However, throughout the day, Y/N did not feel like herself. The feeling of Taeyong’s lips on hers lingered even though it was long gone. Her first kiss, on the lips, was gone. Stolen, to be exact. By her best friend, no less. Who was also her ideal man. It made her feel giddy but also unreal.

It bothered her so much that she couldn’t even pay attention to Jaehyun as they walked together again to the coffee shop. It had become a routine.

A warm hand touched her forehead before it went to her neck.

“Are you alright, Y/N? Not sick or anything, are you?”

Y/N looked at Jaehyun and saw the concern on his face. However, her gaze rested on his lips and the event that morning flooded her mind again.

She blushed and Jaehyun laughed.

“Are you sure you’re okay? Why are you so red?” Jaehyun asked in between laughs.

“Stop it. Tsk.”

“Wait. Let me take a photo of you.” Jaehyun fished out his phone from his back pocket.

As he lifted his shirt, Y/N saw a glimpse of a silver handgun which she recognized as a .44 Magnum.


Y/N got cut off as Jaehyun successfully snapped a photo of her blushing face. He showed her the photo afterwards.

“Aw. Y/N, you’re too cute.”

“That’s not cute! My God! Jaehyun, delete that!”

Y/N tried to reach for his phone but he was way too tall for her. He kept the phone just out of her reach.

“Come on, Y/N. Reach.”


That made Jaehyun paused. A shocked expression registered on his face. “What did you just call—“

“Yes!” Y/N snatched the phone from his grip but accidentally pressed the power button, causing the phone screen to turn to black. When she pressed the button again, it sprung back to life but showed the lockscreen. However, Jaehyun had taken it away from her hands.

It caught her attention that the phone wallpaper was a girl.

“Can’t open it?” Jaehyun smirked in triumph.

“Who’s that?” Y/N asked. She got confused upon seeing Jaehyun’s wallpaper. A weird feeling made its way to her chest.


“I-I thought you didn’t have a girlfriend.”

“I don’t.”

“Then who’s that?”

Jaehyun’s brows were brought together in question too. “Who are you talking about?”

“The girl on your wallpaper.” Y/N didn’t noticed but she had crossed her arms.

Jaehyun’s mouth formed an “O” as he realized what she meant. Then a teasing smile were on his lips. “She’s…Wait. Are you jealous?”

“What?” The question made Y/N’s jaws drop. “I’m not!”

To save her from further teasing, Y/N walked ahead of Jaehyun to the coffee shop which was, thankfully, a few more meters away.

Behind her, Jaehyun kept teasing her.

“Y/N, don’t be jealous. You’re the only one for me.”


“You’re so cute when you get jealous.”

“I’m not cute. And I’m not jealous!”

“Right,” Jaehyun said. He was beside her now. “Because you’re beautiful.”

Hearing that made Y/N’s skip a beat. “What?”

“Took you two long enough to arrive,” a new voice said. Y/N looked at the source of the voice and saw a boy who looked like he was around 18.

They also didn’t realize they were in front of the coffee shop now.

But it wasn’t only the two of them. Greeting them was an assortment of faces. One too young. One too cute. And one too serious.

‘Who are these guys?’ Y/N thought. Were they enemies? Like the ones from yesterday? Just who were sending men after her?

She prepared herself to run. But before she could take her first step, Jaehyun placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed to reassure her.

“What are you guys doing here?”

The youngest of the three laughed.

“Mark wanted to visit the coffee shop you’ve been addicted to,” the serious-looking one said.

“Taeil-hyung, why didn’t you stop him?” Jaehyun asked, a bit annoyed.

“Because I also wanted to see her myself, too,” answered the one who Y/N thought was too cute.


“Me?” Y/N pointed to herself.

Hyung!” Mark, Y/N learned, spoke. “Let’s go for a ride!”

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I rarely have time to do these, but I’ll bite the bullet and do this while I still have time. Thank you @sansastarkvevo for tagging me.

1. Name: Shaterika
2. Nickname: Erika
3. Gender: Female
4. Height: 5’6
5. Ethnicity: Black
6. Favorite Fictional Character: Hit Girl/Mindy Macready
7. Favorite Fruits: Grapes, apples, pears, pineapple
8. Favorite Season: Winter
9. Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter
10. Favorite Flower: Rose
11. Favorite Scent: Apple
12. Favorite Animal: Cat
13. Coffee/Tea/Cocoa: Tea
14. Cat or dog person: Cat person. Dogs are ok, I was attacked by one when I was 4 so just as long as they don’t bite I’m cool.
15. Star Sign: Leo
16. Birthday: August 6th
17. Favorite bands: The Who, The Jackson 5
18. Favorite solo artists: Mandy Moore, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson
19. The song stuck in my head: I Can’t Help Myself by Kaci
20. Last movie I watched: IT (2017)
21. What do I post: Star Wars stuff, and IT stuff as of late
22. Last thing I googled: Henry Bowers, character from IT (spoiler: he might still be alive for the sequel)
23. Do you have any other blogs: I used to but I don’t have enough time to keep up with multiple blogs so I created this one to sort of reinvent myself and start fresh.
24. Do you get asks: I don’t have my ask box open because for the last couple of years people have used the ask boxes to send hate and I frankly do not have time for that crap, I’ve got enough going on in my life. Surprisingly no one has had the guts to send me hate via pm. Anyone is welcome to send me pm’s just as long as it’s not hate, otherwise that’s an immediate blocker-roo.
25. Why did you choose your url: Because I’m a proud ravenclaw and I love Ben Solo
26. Following: 287
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28. Average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours
29. Lucky number: 7
30. Instruments: Don’t play any. I’m not musically inclined
31. What am I wearing: Blue dress with a blue shrug and black and blue sandals
32. Favorite Food: Italian
33. Nationality: American
34. Favorite Song: To love you more by Celine Dion
35. Favorite Color: Purple
36. Number of blankets: 2
37. Dream Trip: Bora Bora or The Riviera
38. Last Show I watched: This is Us
39. When did I create my blog: This one was created 8/18/17. But I’ve been a user on this site since I think 2010 maybe?
40. Dream job: Actress and screenwriter

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1. Nicknames: Lala, gnome, dinosaur, vampire, puppy, weirdo

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Leo

4. Height: 5’1 (i think? Idk i’m 159cm)

5. Time: 12:16 AM

6. Birthday: August 6th

7. Favorite Band(s): BTS, Day6, Got7, P!atd, oneokrock, paramore

8. Favorite Solo Artist(s): Dean, Zico, IU, Miley Cyrus, Suran, Lee Hi

9. Song Stuck in my head: Signal - Twice (but the day6 cover version lmao why)

10. Last movie watched: Everything, Everything (watch it!!!!!!!!)

11. Last show watched: Outcast (just started it though)

12. When did I create my blog: June 2016

13. What do I post: Lockscreenssss

14. Last thing I googled: how to write (cuz i wanna do ff)

15. Do you have other blogs: none that I use

16. Do you get asks: Yes and I’m very thankful ❤️😭

17. Why did you choose your url: Cuz i love bangtan and yoongi

18. Following: 236

19. Followers: 10,385 (how?? ;-;;)

20. Favorite Colors: Black, light blue, dark red, rose

21. Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7 on school days and 12 if no one wakes me up

22. Lucky Number: 7 (i guess idk?)

23. Instruments: none but I’m trying to learn how to play guitar

24. What am I wearing: Shirt and shorts

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1

26. Dream Job: idk journalist?

27. Dream Trip: Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Quebec, London

28. Favorite Food: basically anything

29. Nationality: German

30. Favorite Song now: ok so i cant decide on one im sorry

- Melted by Akmu

- Know me by DPR live, Dean

- Hi Hello by Day6

- 무제 (Untitled, 2014) by G-Dragon

- Girl by The Internet, KAYTRANADA

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Why this facepalm gif? You're not commenting on Gillian saying she doesn't want to marry fishyman? That's good news!

FIshyman? Lol! Look, It’s August 6th. Tomorrow is David’s birthday. The day after tomorrow they start filming a new and probably last season of xf. The day after that is Gillian birthday. And then we’re on board for 5 months of filming, weeks of promo, 2 months and a half of airing, bts, bloopers, blurays, and hope for a season 12. 

That’s all I want to think about right now. I do not want to talk about Mr Morgan, see his face or any other part of his being, watch her watch him, think about him or imagining him marring her. I want to forget him! So I hope he lets me do that for as much time as possible. Thank you very much!

30 Questions

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Nickname: i don’t really have one, but my cousin used to call me TamTam
Gender: Female
Star sign: Leo
Height: 168 cm/5′4 feet
Time: nearly 8:30 pm
Birthday: August 6th
Favourite band(s): Green Day, Rancid, Blur and a lot more
Favourite solo artist(s): Graham Coxon and Liam Finn
Song stuck in my head: at the moment Kill The DJ
Last movie I watched: Evil Dead (remake)
Last show I watched: don’t remember, been a while
When I created my blog: somewhere in February this year
What I post: almost only Green Day and Billie Joe, sometimes i reblog some horror thingies
Last thing I googled: a company
Do I have any other blogs?: no
Do I get asks? sometimes
Why I chose my URL: because i always loved the “geek girl” on BJ’s guitar and 78 cause i had to choose i number, so went for my birth year
Following: 638
Followers: 1306
Lucky numbers: 8 i guess?
Instruments: sing/screech along to songs is my talent
What I’m wearing: blue jeans, big pink cosy socks and my very cool micky mouse jumper (don’t judge me, i’m having a cosy night in)
Dream job: something with music or movies, band-plugging or making props for horror movies!
Favourite food: anything Italian and chocolate
Nationality: Dutch
Favourite song right now: i never really have just one, but the one i “feel” the most at the moment is Pedestrian by FBHT

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i’ve never seen this masterpiece before…..

photo courtesy of james clark, his words:

Happy Birthday Elliott! I posted these two pics because this is how I like to remember him. He often times was hysterical and always a good sport. Even when someone in the crew comes up with the idea: let’s all grow mustaches! I love and miss you all the time and I’m so grateful for our friendship. xo

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Not sure how long ago you posted the emoji question thing but I decided why not ask so:🎂🐾🏒❤️👢

It’s totally fine lol and thanks for asking 😊

🎂 When’s your birthday?: August 6th

👢 What’s your favourite type of shoes?: Nike running shoes

🐾 What’s your favourite animal?: Koala and cheetah

🏒 Do you have a sporty hobby?: Basketball and I'v taken up running lately

❤️ Are you single or taken?: Talking to someone amazing and wonderful and so it’s defiantly taken


Jamie Morgan

Age: 14 
Height: 5'5’‘ 
Class: Freshman ’
Birthday: May 1st, Taurus

Jamie is a lanky, adorable, hopeless romantic, watching the world through rose-colored glasses. He’s understanding and kind, though his sheltered childhood may have made him too trusting for his own good. He loves to capture moments as often as possible through photography and his biggest fear is dropping his camera (his mom spent a lot of money on it!). He hopes to one day travel the world. 

Victoria “Vicky” Morgan

Age: 15 
Height: 5'4″' 
Class: Sophomore 
Birthday: August 6th, Leo

Vicky is petite, but don’t let that fool you - she’s got spunk!
She’s always looking for change, even going as far as asking to be called Frank at one point. Love of old school (East coast!) hip hop, horror movies, junk food and astronomy. She’s more of a go-getter than her brother,Jamie but she often finds it hard to balance her judgement. 

Aiden Bristow

Age: 17   
Height: 5'9’' 
Class: Senior  
Birthday: June 10th, Gemini

Aiden is an only child and has lived with his aunt Ginger since he started high school. He’s a handsome boy and knows it, well…kind of. He’s not necessarily the most confident of people and has a hard time judging social situations. He’s kind of spoiled by Ginger, though he wishes she didn’t have to work so hard. He enjoys sci-fi stories, PC games and always wanted to play pathfinder, but none of his friends play. He doesn’t really know where he wants to go in life. . 


Cindy Morgan

Age: 39 
Height: 5'9’’ (5'11" in heels)
Occupation: Neurosurgeon   
Birthday: April 17th, Aries

She’s a single parent and loving it. After having Jamie, she and her ex (named James) adopted Victoria. After James decided to leave, she chose to focus solely on her children and career. With the help of her younger sister, she achieved her goals and created her own happiness!

Ginger Bristow

Age: 35 y.o. 
Height: 5'4’' 
Occupation: Bartender  
Birthday: October 31st, Scorpio

Full of energy and completely shameless, no one understands how she takes care of a teenage boy in her off time. She is Aiden’s aunt on his father’s side and became his guardian when her brother and sister-in-law decided to take off. She may sometimes be a little irresponsible but she’s got good intentions. 

Vivian Nelson

Age: 17 
Height: 5'7’' 
Class: Junior   
Birthday: December 21st, Sagittarius

She sees herself as a confident and opinionated leader, and credits herself for getting Aiden out of his “shell”. She is sometimes abrasive and condescending, but often people brush it off as a fluke. She enjoys fashion, pot, punk music and abstract painting. She is the older twin sister of Phoebe and girlfriend of Logan.

Phoebe Nelson

Age: 17 
Height: 5'7’' 
Class: Junior   
Birthday: December 22nd, Capricorn

Phoebe is shy and soft spoken, a fan of vinyls, sweet tea, camping and experiencing new things. Phoebe’s not one to mind if her accomplishments go overlooked, but she’ll bend over backwards to make sure that her friends feel apprechiated. Doesn’t seem to have the best relationship with Vivian.


Age: 17
Height: 5'5’' 
Class: Senior   
Birthday: July 20th, Cancer

he;s extremely friendly, respectful and mature for his age, but isn’t afraid to give you sass. He grew up as the middle child of 4, with and older brother, and sister, and a younger sister. He’s been friends with Aiden since middle school and sees him like a brother. He prefers to stay out of drama but isn’t afraid to call out bull shit…however, he treis to make the best out of most situations. 

Logan “Spinelli” Barbosa

Age: 18
Height: 6'2’' 
Class: Senior (flunked)
Birthday: February 13th, Aquarius 

He was introduced to Aiden and Mikael by Vivian. He’s seems like a bit of a burn out and was even held back his senior year because of his lack of focus, but his heart is in the right place. He is passionate about animals and bass playing. He was born in Brazil but grew up mostly in America. When he was young, his father took custody of him and married the man of his dreams, who is now Logan’s step father. The nickname “Spinelli” is in fact his step fathers last name. He’s an only child and has 20(?) pets. He plays in a band with the friends he was supposed to graduate with, mostly for recreation.