august 22


August 22, 1485 - The Battle of Bosworth Field | King Richard III of England is killed.

“King Richard late mercifully reigning upon us was thrugh grete treason … was pitiously slane and murdred …[sic]” - The City of York

The day known as the moment chivalry died and the legend of a king started to grow. The beginning of what would become the Tudor Dynasty, was one that began in blood. Henry Tudor, backed by a mercenary army from France, did not have the strongest army. It was yet more treason that changed the battle and won the day. Men sworn to King Richard III refused to fight for their anointed king and sat ideally by until the moment they helped to murder him on the field that changed victory to defeat. A mythology spun out from that moment. Monsters, and horrors woven in time to create a backing for the treasonous invasion. The Plantagenet dynasty died with their king, but their history remains .  .  .

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