august 19th birthday

Release Date Speculation

August 17th: In celebration of Indonesian Independence Day

August 18th: For the one year anniversary of MM release on iOS

August 19th: As a birthday gift for Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

August 20th: To distract from the itch on World Mosquito Day

August 21st: In celebration of the solar eclipse and new moon

August 22nd: Because on this date in 1966 The Beatles arrived in New York

August 23rd: Just in time for ‘Hug Your Sweetheart Day’

August 24th: To get down with International Strange Music Day

August 25th: As a way to lift our spirits on the 1,938th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii

August 26th: Because if it hasn’t been released by now a good number of us will probably implode

August 27th: Why not? It’s ‘National Just Because Day’

August 28th: No really, this isn’t funny anymore

August 29th: Seriously, it still hasn’t *&^!@# come out? 

August 30th: Because it’s 11 days before V’s birthday on September 9th

August 31st: 

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\ 🎉 Happy Birthday! 🎊 /

㊗️ So sorry for the late tweet everyone️ ❗️ August 19th marks the birthday of #DeanFujioka, who portrays Roy Mustang! 🎂👏✨ Look forward to watching the 🔥 Flame Alchemist’s 🔥 powerful transmutation scenes, using the latest in VFX! 👊  #Hagaren #FullMetalAlchemist

\ 📣Special close up to theater props /  ️

㊗️ #in commemoration of Dean Fujioka’s birthday (who portrays Roy Mustang 🔥🔥🔥 ) here’s a close up to the Flame Alchemist’s glove️ ❗️ ❗️ The movie “Fullmetal Alchemist” will be out in the theaters on 12/1️ ❗️ ❗️ #Hagaren


Happy Birthday! (August 19th)

  • Koujaku (DRAMAtical Murder) 
  • Chamel (Pop’n Music)
  • Sergei (Pop’n Music)
  • Tybalt (Animal Crossing)
  • Alice (Animal Crossing)
  • Motobaro (One Piece)
  • Anett Hosenfeld (Muv-Luv) - 1964 (53 years old)
  • Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri (Fate/Zero)
  • Abirama Redder (Bleach)
  • Umemiya Seiichi (Diamond no Ace)
  • Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)
  • Taisei Yoshida (Assassination Classroom)
  • Natsuki Kimura (Cinderella Girls) 

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Hi Holly! I just realized that the clue we find in the wine cellar is 1908. 19.08. 19th August. Aleister's birthday! Do you think it's a coincidence???🤓

Hey hey hey! Good eye there, Anon. 😊


“Who do you think you are?” The MF princess wtf

Hahahahaha I can’t believe I’m sharing these, but I had no recent selfies so I pulled these out from the archives!


I’m in such a good mood today and not to mention tomorrow, August 16th, is my 19th birthday 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

I hope you have a great Tuesday and a great week. I hope it’s filled with love and happiness! ☀️ I also hope I didn’t scare you with my selfies, like how I probably scare off Ethan 😥

Here’s to another week full of love, happiness, and positivity ☀️

I love you to bits 😍

Red Pencil Skirts and Old Prom Dresses (Sashea Lesbian AU) - wordsmithmaybe

A/N Hi:) This is a small fic dedicated to Dandee, because it’s her birthday today August 19th !! Happy Birthday !!!!

We don’t know each other personally, but a friend of yours reached over, and asked if I could write something for you since you love Sashea so here you go <33

P,S Everyone else is also allowed to read and enjoy duh;) don’t forget to wish Dandee a Happy Birthday x 

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E-26 Yoshida Taisei - Character Profile

Howdie folks. Yes, it’s been ages since my last Profile, or post for that matter, but when work gets more and more hectic, especially if your project is a bottomless pit of dysfunction and staff leave the team you’re on, it really drains enthusiasm away from some of one’s hobbies.
Anyway, like with Muramatsu, I liked how Matsui fleshed out Yoshida as the resident mechanic, and the way he synchronises with some of his other classmates too.
Also, please note the different disclaimer from usual for the remaining 3 Profiles

The Baidu forumer from before hadn’t posted any profiles beyond Yada’s, so this time, main credits for scans of Yoshida’s profile go to young-il-long-kiyoshi
Screenshots of Yoshida’s profile are in the following link:

Yoshida’s profile

Furthermore, this time it’s a direct Japanese -> English translation by me, but nonetheless, while I have endeavoured to keep things as accurate as possible, not everything may be successfully conveyed across

External image

E-26 Yoshida Taisei (吉田 大成) – risking his life for his comrades, Class E’s shocktrooper

“You can blow away anything you don’t like with speed!!“


  • A muscle head who likes to rush in, think later. As someone who is greatly considerate of his friends and comrades, he is willing to rely on students outside of the Terasaka Group as well.
  • A lover of bikes. While he’s certainly never rode on public roads, as a result of polishing his skills on premise (of his family shop), his riding technique can put professionals to shame.
  • He and Muramatsu are practically harmonised. No matter how difficult the situation gets, it is their creed to tackle it vigorously.

Code Name: Homebase (ホームベース), Sugino’s idea

This is probably a symptom of his occupation (as a baseball player), but every time he sees Yoshida he feels like he wants to step on him. Not out of anger or for any particular reason of course.

(TN: for those how hadn’t noticed it before, yours truly included, the contours of Yoshida’s face resemble a home plate from a baseball field)

  • Birthday: August 19th
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Favourite Subject: Technology
  • Worst Subject: English
  • Interests and special skills: Tinkering vehicles in general
  • Past Club: Railroad Research Society
  • Treasured Item(s): a Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa (not yet taken onto public roads yet)
  • Favourite Food: Monster Energy (the drink)
  • Bento or Snacks: Snacks
  • Election Headline (from the 1st Popularity Poll): Kamikaze Striker Taisei

(TN: The phrase here, 特攻の大成, is a reference to Saki Hiroto’s work Legend of the Gale: Kamikaze Striker Taku, a Bosozoku/Yankee-themed manga that was serialised from 1991 to 1997 in Weekly Shonen Magazine, filled with lots of motorcycles too)

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WELCOME TO TEAM ENGINEERING’S FIRST TEAM EVENT! what better way to kick it off than by celebrating the birth of our favorite unappreciated genius, leopold james fitz, who will be turning 30 on august 19th. we’d like him to get everything he’s ever dreamed of, one wish for every year of his life, and that’s where you come in.

over the weekend we took submissions for fitz wishes, any and everything you thought past, present, or future fitz would wish for on his birthday. these have been added to a list on a new tab on the team spreadsheet, found here. to participate, all you have to do is:

  • go to the team spreadsheet
  • choose a wish from the list
  • add it with your name/url to the column on the left near the date you wish to post
  • if you have a wish in mind and it’s not in the list, feel free to add it

once you’ve chosen your wish, you can use it as a prompt to create anything you like, be it a fic, gifset, fanart, etc. however, please keep in mind the requirements set out by EvB. by nature, all of these works should be fitz-centric, but we do want to be mindful of what counts, points-wise.

with 30 wishes as the goal, and more than 30 team members, we realize that the ratio of wishes to team members isn’t even, and that’s perfectly okay. team members aren’t limited to only one wish, and wishes aren’t limited to only one claimant. as noted above, if you have a wish that isn’t on the list, just add it. it may be just the inspiration someone needs to spark their creativity. consider the wishes a starting off point, and just have fun with it. we only ask that you keep it to one wish per day when picking posting dates. if we do end up having more than 30 entries, there can be double postings, but no more than two posts per day.

starting on his birthday, august 19th, participants will post their work on their chosen day, with the goal of having at least one wish posted every day for the next 30 days, and ending on september 18th, because who doesn’t love month long birthday celebrations?

we hope you all have a good time with this! please feel free to contact us with any questions

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1. nicknames: Bri, Void

2. gender: Female.

3. star sign: Leo. Technically a Leo/Virgo cusp.

4. height: 5′10″. I am a tol.

5. time: 3:33 pm (EDT) 

6. birthday: August 19th

7. favorite bands: Nightwish, Garbage, Autumn, Queen, Children of Bodom, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, pretty much every outfit out of the 50s and 60s

8. favorite solo artist: Tori Amos, Dolly Parton, Adele, Neko Case, Pink, lots of really powerful female Broadway/operatic vocalists 

9. song stuck in my head right now: Rick Astley’s “Together Forever,” as it is currently playing on Spotify in the background 

10. last movie I watched: Guardians of the Galaxy

11. last show I watched: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

12. when I created this blog: December 2015, right before Christmas. It was supposed to be just kind of a sideblog repository for all of the stuff I kept seeing about this Rey and Kylo Ren ship, you know, the way some people guiltily hide a porn blog off to the side. Almost two years later and here we are. 

13. what I post: Mostly Reylo. Sometimes salt. Occasionally fics of dubious quality.

14. last thing I googled: “disney food and wine 2017”

15. do I have any other blogs: Yes — my main is @bri-ecrit, in case anyone sees that URL around in likes, comments, and follows.

16. do I get asks: I do, but I can be veeeery slow in getting to them because of how hectic my work schedule is.

17. why did I choose my URL: See previous “guilty sideblog” explanation. I figured “this will be the dark corner where I hide all of this ‘Reylo’ stuff for the few weeks that I’m intrigued by it.” Ha. Hahaha. 

18. followers: So, so many more than I deserve. I think my follower count is more a product of my having been a very early Reylo blog than a testament to any kind of perceived quality 'round these parts. Still, I don’t think it’ll ever stop flooring me just how many people follow me, especially given that I’m not really a “name” in the fandom or a major writer or anything like that. 

19. following: 229 at present. I’m to the point where it’s a little overwhelming (I try to keep a small-ish following list) so I’m probably going to clear it out a little in the near future. Mostly anyone who’s inactive or has fully changed fandoms, just stuff like that.

20: favorite snack for movie/tv show: I’m a popcorn and peanut M&Ms gal for movies. TV, I’ll snack on whatever we have around the house, but I’m big on tortilla chips and snackable fruit (grapes, blackberries, apple slices, etc.).

21. average hours of sleep: I try to aim for 7 because I’m that person who cannot function on little sleep, but I rarely hit it and I’m almost always tired. Bleh.

23. lucky number: Don’t have one.

24. instrument: Pfft. I took mandatory piano lessons for about a year as a kid and dabbled in bass guitar in college, but I have zero musical ability whatsoever.

25. what am I wearing right now: Gray sweatpants and my Sophia Petrillo “Word to Your Mother” T-shirt 

26. first celebrity crush: Shirley Manson from Garbage. I was about 12/13 and saw this badass rock chick with red hair, black eyeliner, and combat boots, and I felt a strange, fuzzy feeling that I didn’t recognize as “this woman is hot and I love her and oops I am not straight” until I was about 18 or so.

27. dream job: The work I am doing right now for a livable wage. 

28. dream trips: I love mountains so I’d love to see the Alps at some point. Western Canada is also beautiful, and I fully intend to return to Alberta/British Columbia to spend some time in the Rockies again at some point.

29. favorite food: Overall favorite food is cheese ravioli. My friends joke about the fact that I love my food in pocket form: ravioli, dumplings, empanadas, etc. If there is a food that has another food inside it, I probably like it. Also steak, but only if it’s medium-rare or rarer. Get that well-done shit away from me and apologize to the cow that sacrificed its life only to be treated with such disrespect.

30. nationality: American, by way of countries mostly too distant to matter — my family overwhelmingly immigrated here in the 1600s.

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Nicknames: I don’t have one actually ! Everyone is calling me by my name “Manon” ;) But you can give one to me I don’t mind ;)

Star sign: Leo

Gender: Female

MBTI type: Well I didn’t know what was that and I did a test they proposed in French … It seems that I’m an INFP-T type , or a  mediator !

Height: 175 cm or 5′7″ in feet ;)

Time: It’s 6:45 pm here 

Birthday: August 19th

Favorite bands: Imagine Dragons without any doubt ^^

Favorite solo artists: Ed Sheeran.

Song stuck in my head: Galway Girl- Ed Sheeran

Last movie I watched: I saw Seven Sisters on the screens this week ! It was pretty good!

Other blogs: Nope!

When I created my blog: Last October … I think ? 

What I post about: Hetalia (Mainly Fruk and Face Family ;) ), Sometimes Black Butler, Disney or French things .

Last thing I googled: 175 cm in feet xD

Following: 349

Followers: 315

Favorite color: Purple and Blue.

Average hours of sleep:It depends of the period ! If it’s during the week, it’ll probably be 6-7 hours … During the week end, it’s more 8-10 ;)

Lucky number: 4

Instruments: No…. But I wish ! I would love to start some violin lessons one day!.

What I’m wearing: My Pj’s xD

How many blankets I sleep with: One 

Dream job: I hope I’ll soon become a Head Educational Advisor in order to be able to work with children 

Dream trip: Australia and New Zealand without any doubt … I would love to see different Asian countries as well… Ahhhh there’s so many places that I want to visit !!!

Favourite food: Italian Food. No contest Except for the pastries. In this case , sorry , but French pastries are the best xD

Nationality: French ( it must be obvious with my last answer lmao) 

I tag:











And, as usual, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ;)

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Wait, it's gonna be your birthday soon? Now I have this urge to draw fanart :0. Also early birthday!

August 19th. Well, I won’t stop you! Do what you will! And your birthday wishes are much appreciated.

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answer 30 questions + tag 10 people you’d like to know better

-nicknames: Gabi, Gabs, Ibag (courtesy of my cousin who’s called me that for years)

-star sign: Leo

-gender: female

-MBTI type: infp

-height: 5′2

-time: 5:37 p.m.

-birthday: August 19th (tomorrow how are you)

-favourite bands: Gorillaz, The Rolling Stones, The Front Bottoms, 

-favourite solo artists: Kesha and Sid Vicious

-song stuck in my head: Boogie Feet by Kesha ft. The Eagles of Death Metal or Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above by CSS

-last movie I watched: spider-man homecomig

-last show I watched: GLOW

-other blogs: a nsfw blog and an aesthetic blog lmao

-when I created my blog: late 2014? 

-what I post about: bad jokes, punching nazis, gorillaz, occasionally keith richards and damon albarn 

-last thing I googled: big time rush (lmao i miss them)

-following: 1,298

-followers: 344

-favourite colour: orange

-average hours of sleep: 5

-lucky number: its actually 13 lmao

-instruments: i can yell pretty well and pass it of as singing

-what I’m wearing: An orange sleeveless turtleneck with a dusty pink cardigan and black jeans

-how many blankets i sleep with: 2

-dream jobs: i want to either be an animator or a concept artist

-dream trip: road trip to different tacky paranormal tours across the US

-favourite food: Sauerkraut 

-nationality: american

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Name: Abel
Nickname: Al, Alli
Age: 24 
Faceclaim: i just use akechi lol 
Pronouns: they/them
Height: 5'0″
Birthday: August 19th
Aesthetic: space, tropical, i can pull anything off and my tastes are varied but i’m feelin these the most rn
Last song you listened to: frankie sinatra - the avalanches

Favourite muse(s) you’ve written:
I’m really proud of my Oscar Dragonia muse on @sylphidblaze. I have my qualms about my Akechi at times, but I’d like to think I’m doing good here. 

What inspired you to take on your current muse (that you are posting this on):
Um. I got to that part in Shido’s palace and Akechi muse hit me like a fuck ton of bricks. I had already made Yusuke’s blog at that point too lol. I had gone to that point completely hating him and he turned me around so fast there. He isn’t the first, though; I seem to attract these kind of muses, though. He’s like my third one like this, lol. I think these character types are my favorite to write and they just click for me.

What are your favourite aspects of your current muse:
He is sweet – it’s so far buried, but so worth getting to. He wants to be loved and you would think he’s got nothing to give because he never had any growing up, but he does. He has so much and will give you the world. You’ve just got to get there. I also really love his wit. He’s so clever and smart, I just wish he was putting that to better use. And I can’t lie, his emotional turmoil and even the dark thoughts ( really, really dark thoughts; it gets dangerous over here and I just don’t post all of what goes on in that little head of his ) are some of my favorite things about him. I just want things to get better for him. He’s so unkind to himself. ( Note: I’m not condoning that it’s cool to have these thoughts, this is purely from a writing and character trait standpoint. )

What’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing:
Music helps, but Akechi thinks about things quite often and that’s good too. Helps me really dig into how his mind works and what’s behind the facade.

Favourite types of threads:
I really like all sorts. I can’t really place a favorite since I generally enjoy writing everything, I just have to be in the mood for it.

Biggest struggle in regards to your current muse:
I’m not happy with his dialog. I can read other Akechi muses and clearly hear his voice, but sometimes I don’t hear it with mine and I’m unsure if I’m just being too hard on myself or if I’m really just that bad at capturing his speech patterns. I also worry that his ah. Hormones. Will net me the reputation of being the slutty Akechi blog lmfao. I didn’t take on this muse knowing he was going to be like that, but I swear he’s got his reasons and for the most part, he isn’t nasty for the sake of being nasty.

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