august 1987

Serial killer Ian Brady (wearing dark overcoat and sunglasses) is pictured on Saddleworth Moor in August 1987, assisting Manchester police in locating the buried body of victim Keith Bennett. Though the killer had spent hours exploring and taking photos of the moors as a young man, during the search Brady became disorientated and claimed to have forgotten important landmarks near Keith’s grave. The search was called off after five months, and Keith Bennett’s body has never been found to this day.

Full Name: Ari Vega
Age: 30
Birth: August 19, 1987
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5′ 1′‘
Weight: 135 lbs
Species: Mongoose
Personality: Bitchy, snarky, manipulative, seductive, nasty
Small Bio: Ari is a witch that lives in a cave deep in the woods, She’s very hard to encounter, but she can easily find you. Ari enjoys harassing others, especially new locals in the area, or even the ones that lived in the area longer than herself. She spends her time creating potions, and gutting wildlife creatures; using their limbs and guts to create her own freaks of natures.
As a kid, Ari was a good child, with a normal family, a normal life. Everything seemed perfect for her back then.
of course until she met her “god mother”.

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AFGHANISTAN. Kunar Province. August 1985 & October 1987. Mujahideen in Shultan valley on the Pakistan border, around 3,200 metres above sea level. The snow-covered Shigal mountains can sometimes be spotted. The third picture shows Commander Ajab Khan (Yunus Khalis group) with some of his men. Some kids also play with a “Zikuyak” Soviet-designed 14.5-mm anti-aircraft gun.

Photographs: Erwin Franzen via Flickr

Hey Baby

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August 1987

“Ta-da!” Steve said, jumping cautiously onto the fallen tree.  Jonathan looked at him, then at the creek, then back at him, mouth falling open.

“No.  No way.”

Steve’s shoulders dropped and he pouted.  His puppy dog eyes had nothing on Nancy’s but Jonathan looked away just in case.  There was no way he was changing his mind.  “Why not?”

Jonathan looked at him with wide eyes, gesturing to the tree.  “Because for starters, that tree is going to snap in half and we’re both going to fall into that creek, and I am not going to the hospital just because you want to reenact a scene from Dirty Dancing.”

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