august 1987

Serial killer Ian Brady (wearing dark overcoat and sunglasses) is pictured on Saddleworth Moor in August 1987, assisting Manchester police in locating the buried body of victim Keith Bennett. Though the killer had spent hours exploring and taking photos of the moors as a young man, during the search Brady became disorientated and claimed to have forgotten important landmarks near Keith’s grave. The search was called off after five months, and Keith Bennett’s body has never been found to this day.


George Harrison, Warner Brothers Records in Burbank California August 26, 1987

Photos: Robert Matheu

“George would drive himself, come to the parking lot, walk up to my office, and as per planned, he was going to spend ‘x’ hours on the phone or in person doing interviews. I scheduled the interviews so there was a break. In anticipation of the break, I’d say, You have a lunch break coming up, would you like me to get you something to eat? And he’d say, 'Yes, a cheese sandwich would be nice.’ That’s it. Didn’t say, 'Put mustard on it,’ what kind of bread. (Laughs) I’d go to the deli in Burbank and go: Cheese sandwich. Cheddar, Swiss cheese - whatever it was, he never complained. And sometimes he would have one bottle of Heineken. Then some British tabloid guys called me and said, 'We understand he’s an alcoholic and he’s in treatment.’ I said, I don’t think so. One bottle of Heineken sometimes - I don’t think that qualifies.” - Bob Merlis, PR for Cloud Nine, Mojo, November 2011 [x]