My Infernal Cecilia/Lilina 2 unit clear, a.k.a Chrobin sneaking off to have a date in the corner while the blonde cravat boys do all the work

yeah i make chickens i take two- i take two different kinds of chickens and then i make em FUCK and then they make a different new chicken that’s different that was before and then a lot of times that chicken will poop stuff out that you guys want and then i’ll give it- if i- if you ask for it and then it did it then i’ll give it to ya i’ll say “here’s the thing you asked for” and then uh, then sometimes you guys will say “i need this” and then- but i don’t- that doesn’t- that’s not a chicken yet so i’ll take two other chickens and i’ll make them FUCK and then that’ll make a thing and then uh- and then uh, when that chicken grows up to be a uh, big mom chicken it’ll fluh- it’ll shit out what- the thing you need it’ll give it to you