augus each usige


So here are the pictures we took at Katsucon!~ (we didn’t take that many pics because we were too busy taking videos haha) 

The Raven Prince giving Augus a valentines day present and then Crielle holding a valentines chocolates!~

You can see that both of them are “drama queens” haha. (well in Augus’ case its drama king but whatever haha)

Hope that you enjoy these pictures, and I will update about the CMV when the time comes!~

I have a mighty need for Gwyn and Augus fuff. So here we are.

Basically for the day when these two doofs can do the “relationship” part of relationship. Also for the quote from Augus about Gwyn’s hair, “The color of dawn sun”.

So here we go. Genderbent, Augus just woke up from a nightmare and Gwyn’s brought her back. And the sun rises. Because cheese is good for the soul.

Characters are Gwyn ap Nudd and Augus Each Usige from not_poignant’s fabulous original stories.