An animation for Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales series. This theme is August, based on the following phrase: “August would speak of its empire tasting forever whilst glancing warily at the leaves cooking on the trees.

It’s a quiet animation. I borrowed a technique that I’ve seen Inga Birgisdóttir (Sigur Ros) use. Keep it quiet. Let the audio float the viewer to the next step.

The animation was built using Photoshop and PremierePro. There are about 60 layers that sit upon each other in different order to present the visual aspect of this story.

This project initiated by the Blackberry #keepmoving project.

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One more illustration for Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales… This was for the August Tale, which is full of fire and phoenixes.  (The story for this one is here.)

TRUE CONFESSION I totally whomped this out this morning and submitted it literally the very last minute before submissions closed. But I think I saved it with the wrong color settings when I submitted it, it seems to have ended up washed out on the official site (unless it’s just my browser… But I was in such a wild last-minute scramble I don’t even know what settings I used.) So I re-saved it with the right settings and this is more what it’s supposed to look like. I may go back and fiddle with details later, I didn’t want to have to rush it quite so much…

I started a couple more illustrations but couldn’t finish them in time for the deadline. I’ll finish those at my leisure as soon as I get a chance. And hey, I might go on and illustrate some more stories too… BECAUSE I CAN. And because they’re fun stories.