Happy Birthday (Cake Wreck Edition)
  • Happy Birthday (Cake Wreck Edition)
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Happy Third Birthday, Music Theory Augmented!!

We’re really glad nobody gave us this cake:

…which we transcribed and graded:

Click the play button at the top of this post to hear what it sounds like.

Night Terrors

Night Terrors is an augmented reality horror survival game that is being developed for smart phones. The game scans your surroundings and builds an internal map to determine how best to scare you as you wander around in search of a young girl in need of rescue. The game utilizes your flash and camera while you have your headphones plugged in for the audio.

You will walk around your surroundings while coming face to face with various supernatural or creepy things such as ghosts, clowns, spiders, and demons. We don’t know if the game contains jump scares as of yet since it is still seeking funding on indiegogo.

You can help fund it HERE and watch the trailer HERE