Piano player wears an eye tracker so you can see exactly where their eyes move to as they play. Amazing video.

Night Terrors

Night Terrors is an augmented reality horror survival game that is being developed for smart phones. The game scans your surroundings and builds an internal map to determine how best to scare you as you wander around in search of a young girl in need of rescue. The game utilizes your flash and camera while you have your headphones plugged in for the audio.

You will walk around your surroundings while coming face to face with various supernatural or creepy things such as ghosts, clowns, spiders, and demons. We don’t know if the game contains jump scares as of yet since it is still seeking funding on indiegogo.

You can help fund it HERE and watch the trailer HERE


Portal in AR looks amaaaazing!

Unfortunately this is just a demo on HoloLens by developer KennyW, but here’s hoping it comes to life one day.


Short Film:  Strange Beasts

“Strange Beasts” is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go?

Written, directed and produced by Magali Barbé.


Immersive Insights: IBM’s AR Data Visualization Tool at SXSW – Medium

The IBM is making space at SXSW from March 10–14 showcased dozens of projects in AI, robotics, VR, AR, and other emerging technology fields. My team and I had the fortunate opportunity to demo our AR project, Immersive Insights.

Immersive Insights aims to be a tool that provides data scientists with insights to large-scale data through a spatial visualization experience. While the demo is still in an early stage, we have real-time data streaming to the headset and displayed in 3D, fully manipulable and scalable. It is also our way to begin exploring, creating and refining the next generation of enterprise applications for data analysis.

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The Selfie Drawings by Carla Gannis, March 20 - May 3

Opening Reception March 28, 5-7 pm

The Pratt Libraries are proud to exhibit The Selfie Drawings - a new art book and augmented-reality installation by digital artist and Pratt faculty member Carla Gannis!

Please join us Tuesday, March 28 from 5-7 pm for an opening reception and explore the interactive installation on our first floor.
Google Tango means you'll never get lost in a store again

With a phone in one hand and a shopping cart in the other, I’m rushing around the aisles pulling items off the shelf. On screen I see a yellow line overlaid on the camera image, navigating me to the next item on my list. There’s an aisle and shelf number in case I get really confused, as well as an estimate step counter that tells me how far I have to go.

Once I’ve found everything on the list, the yellow line navigates me to the nearest checkout.

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New virtual reality tech lets you chuck virtual objects with your bare hands

It’s possible to juggle virtual objects with your bare hands using new virtual reality technology. Computer hardware company Leap Motion’s new hardware/software VR technology, dubbed Orion, tracks hand movement so acutely “that people can forget there is any separation between them and technology,” Leap Motion co-founder Michael Buckwald told VentureBeat. This could transform VR.

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