augmented arm

“Now show us what you can do, Symmetra…”

The indoctrination was real. 

I wonder how far Vishkar went in order to ensure her loyalty. 

She has been theirs for too long. 

quick sketch while my laundry dries


White Knight of Blossoms

Weapon: Enhancing Sword and Ritter Shield
Head: Durium Hairpin of Fending
Body: Chivalric Coat of Fending (dyed snow white)
Arms: Augmented Shire Custodian’s Gauntlets (dyed aldgoat brown)
Legs: Faire Kohakama (dyed rose pink)
Feet: Replica Dreadwyrm Sabatons of Fending (dyed aldgoat brown)
Earrings: Peach Blossoms

From probably the first or second day of Stormblood when someone linked those weapons in a discord channel I was in, I knew that I absolutely HAD to have them… and last night I finally got lucky in Castrum Abania!

I’ve never been more in love and I’m likely going to see about making this entire outfit canon but for NOW… I’m just pleased as punch. I adore this glamour so much!! I think it’s even cuter than my 60 glamour!

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I've sent a couple asks but I'm betting there were eaten. I was wondering if you had any ideas on what the lasting effects might be if a character who has wings on their back had them cut off. I'm thinking there would be some pretty severe loss of motor function in the shoulders and probably balance problems?

I really hate to say it, but this falls squarely under the Rule of Reality….

Here’s the thing. Humans… do not come with wings as part of the standard “human” package. It says right on the box. “Wings not included.”

It’s cool that you’re working with the special edition, the wings-plus kind, but the fact is that it’s a very different action figure. Wings – and flight overall – require significant changes to body structure and power to weight ratios. Wing-things tend to be extremely light (humans are not), with low density to the point of hollow bones (human bones are solid). According to Yale Scientific Magazine (pretty cool resource, but take it with a grain of salt), humans would need at 6.7-meter wingspan… or about 20 feet.

And that says nothing about the supporting musculature. Wings would likely replace human arms, not augment them. If you added separate musculature for wings in addition to flaily-arms, they would likely have massive chests to support the muscles for the flap-flaps.

However, if those flap-flaps were cut off, the muscles would still be there – and they would still work. In fact, you might see the human+ repeatedly flex whatever little stumps are left from their wings. It’s sort of like if an arm was amputated just below the shoulder, the shoulder muscles would still work – they can still wave the stump around just  fine, though eventually it would atrophy some from lack of resistance (and thus decreased workload).

So here’s the positive side: because you have no physical reality constraints on your story, you get to choose what you want. Balance problems make sense, shoulder dysfunction doesn’t, but that’s to me, not to your story world. You get to choose!!

Good luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Anon Asked: holla holla can i get some uhhhhhh tfp headcanons with the bots and cons (of your choice) reacting to their human liaison having a neat prosthetic arm (think overwatch-type prosthetics, aka a cool futuristic design with like, augmented strength or a built in laser pointer or something lmao)

((I kind of felt like this was a little in poor taste, so I apologize if anyone is offended by the contents written here))

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Streaming Captain America: Civil War on Netflix (I feel like there might be some mistake - I thought Netflix was getting rid of all their good stuff), and I have some new questions/observations of the variety that only come up on the umpteenth watch:

  • When did Sam meet Sharon? He recognizes her immediately, because he nudges Steve before Steve even notices her. Does this mean Steve actually did call her after TWS? I mean, if they did have a date, apparently it didn’t involve kissing…
  • I’ve recently developed a theory that when Steve confronted Bucky in Bucharest, he was legitimately concerned that there might be nothing of Bucky left after all, and that he might end up having to arrest or kill the Winter Soldier. Additional support for this theory: When Bucky punches through the floorboards directly next to Steve’s head, grabs his backpack, and runs, Steve just kinda lies there for a second with his hand shielding his face in the universal sign for “Holy crap, my life just flashed before my eyes, give me a minute.”
  • Bucky in Bucharest clearly has access to sophisticated weaponry, because he blows up a tunnel entrance with a little sticky grenade-thing while trying to escape. But he either doesn’t have or chooses not to pack any actual guns. As the Winter Soldier he takes a gun from a security guard (whom he then shoots), and he takes one from the quinjet in Siberia but never uses it.
  • Thinking a bit more about that video. There’s no way a road that dark had security cameras set up permanently, which means someone must have followed the action in order to film it. Yet the Starks’ deaths were never classified as murder nor attributed to the Winter Soldier, meaning the tape was kept out of law enforcement’s hands. This tells me it must have been a Hydra operative behind that camera, filming the Soldier’s work either for internal record-keeping purposes or because they trusted him that little. Which means when the Soldier pointed his gun at the camera, he was NOT doing it to cover his own tracks or for any other logical reason. Did he shoot the cameraman? Did that sort of thing happen often? Did he have a plan or just a lot of pent-up agitation with nowhere to vent it? Did anyone asked him WHY he shot the cameraman, and if so did he respond “The man in the car, who was he?”
  • The very end of the fight in Siberia goes like this: 1) Bucky gets the tactical idea of going for Tony’s arc reactor. It makes sense; the arc reactor is powering his blasters. 2) While Bucky is using his metal arm to tear at Tony’s chest plate, Tony blasts the arm clean off. 3) There’s some more punching, but Steve finally ends the fight by using his shield to destroy the arc reactor. Let’s pause here. Each of the three superheroes entered the base with their signature technological augmentation–arc reactor, metal arm, vibranium shield–and now we’re down two of the three. Aaaand then Steve drops his shield. Total superhero identity wipeout.
  • -“You know if they find out he’s here, they’ll come for him.” “Let them try.” Pan to the Black Panther statue. Was that always as obvious a lead-in to the Black Panther movie as it sounds like?
Futuretale AU

AU Creator(s): Ginger

Official AU Blog: Yes

Creator Tracked Tags: None

AU Canon: Set in the future of 50xx, monsters and humans live separately on the surface. Long ago in 20xx, a fallen human child freed the monsters from their underground prison, allowing them to establish their own cities and towns outside of where humans lived in order to maintain an agreeable peace. The largest city of the monsters is named after Mt. Ebott where they resided, a booming utopia with massive skyscrapers built with technologies the world hasn’t seen yet. Humans, due to constant in-fighting and government issues, have not reached the advancements that the monsters have and fear the monsters will try to take them over. These fears have lead to a resounding hate for the monsters, who have now reenacted their own version of the past Royal Guards to protect them from potential human threats of war. Trade has been severed, and neither groups are allowed into the cities of the other. A few desperate humans who want to remain at peace, send a human ambassador to the monster city of Ebott to try and discuss peace. Monsters ended up losing their abilities for magic when they left the underground, encouraging the development of nanotechnological augments that allow them to used abilities similar to those of their past ancestors. The exception to this rule is Sans, who developed the technology. Note, the monsters who were released from the underground are not the monsters we know in-game, but are ancestoral monsters.

  • Frisk - a young adult non-binary human (he, she, they) around the age of 16 who dresses in a set of shorts and a lose shirt, elected as ambassador of a small peace group by vote. 
  • Dr. W. D. Gaster - Wing Ding Gaster, the retired previous royal scientist who left soon after an accident in the lab left his sons injured. He maintained his job from home until his older son Sans addressed interest in replacing him. 
  • Mrs. L.S. Gaster - Lucida Sans Gaster, the wife of Dr. Gaster, is well known throughout the monster world as the co-partner and founder of “Lucida and Muffets”, a popular restaurant line and bakery chain across the monster cities. 
  • Dr. Sans Gaster- Named after his mother, Sans has taken over as the most successful royal scientist after his father retired. An accident as a child in the lab caused him to fall into a vat of determination which burnt out his eyes, giving him full magical powers from the accident. Later he regains vision in his left eye, his pupil permanently green for an unknown reason. He is extremely stand-offish and somewhat brash in his behavior, rarely cracking a smile let alone a pun.
  • Sir Papyrus Gaster, the Great - the head of the royal guard and named after his grandfather, Papyrus is well known across the land for his augmented right arm as a result of some unknown accident. He also routinely shows up to Mettaton’s cooking shows, where thanks to his famous mother, is well known for his amazing pasta recipes. He tends to make jokes to try and uplift his brother’s spirits. 
  • Undyne - The previous head of the royal guard, she hand-trained Papyrus to replace her in order to take up a more intense positions as the body guard of the royal family. Seeing how strong Papyrus’ augmented arm was, she volunteered to have hers replaced by similar arms. 
  • Alphys - Sans’ lab assistant and the only one he has any real trust in, she spends her free time running a massive digital archive of monster and human history that also collects artifacts and books (a museum and library combined). She has a special place where she collects old cartoons and anime for kids to watch. 
  • Muffet - A highly successful and well-known baker, she teamed up with Lucida Gaster when offered the chance to start a restaurant business. Her specialty is baking, but she has become revered for cooking “exotic” human food. 
  • Mettaton, Napstablook, and Mad - Highly successful cyberwave (internet) stars, they routinely create music, put on dramatic performances, host cooking shows for Papyrus, serve as Ebott’s news source, and host a weekly show where Mad teaches people how to release anger by breaking stuff. Mettaton, Napstablook, and Mad all have fully robotic bodies that they have become formed with. 
  • The Royal Family - The Dreemur family all live together on the penthouse of a massive skytower. Asgore rules over his people as a peaceful king, while his wife routinely visits schools to teach children all about their history. Their son, Prince Asriel, is known for being an amazing fiction writer, his most famous piece is about a psychotic killer flower he calls Flowey. 
  • Grillby - A famous bartender who used to work for Lucida and Muffet, he moved on to his own bar and grill that hosts a night club. Popular among the younger crowds due to his crazy bar antics such as dousing himself in alcohol or chemical agents to change his fire color, he is normally seen as white fire with light green and blues mixed in. He is often seen with Sans whenever he leaves his lab. 

Official Canon Design:



I am so freaking pumped and by all indications from their facebook page there will be a CG announcement trailer tomorrow??

SO OF COURSE I HAD TO FART SOME ART. I adore this flawed baby of a franchise and hope they get it better this time.

Prints are up if anyone wants

I’ll go pUNCH A WALL (with my augmented arm)

anonymous asked:

Is Big Mac an augmented human or a construct? And if he's augmented what happened to him?

Big Mac’s augmented! his face, arms, and a good chunk of his upper body have been replaced (if it weren’t absurdly impractical he could’ve had a literal heart of gold). he was actually what made me include cyborgs in the first place, ‘cause I couldn’t decide which he should be so…I drew him human with robot seams. compromise!!

(I should probably make a chart or something of who’s what, this is getting ridiculously confusing!)

Hydra's Weapon || Closed RP

Bruce Banner hadn’t had the best childhood in the world. In fact it was probably one of the worst. His father killed his mother and then he had to live with his abusive and alcoholic dad. He was only a teen when Hydra found out about how smart Bruce was. They convinced him to go with him, made it look like he was killed. 

Bruce had been given a major project in his first year with Hydra. He didn’t know it was the super serum that made captain america that he was trying to recreate. He used his own DNA and some Gamma to perfectly recreate it. When he told his presiding officer that he had done it, only fifteen at the time, he was knocked unconscious.

When Bruce began to wake up he had needles going into his arms, neck, and chest. He screamed in pain as they used his own serum on him. After that the torture only got worse. They had their own… helper… that had gifted them with the knowledge of how to “augment” human’s into great weapons. The only problem was that said human had to be missing that limb. So Hydra decided that Bruce was going to be augmented with two special arms, built to kill. He passed out from the pain. He woke up only to see the scientists finishing the welding of his new limbs. They were a bright silver, and only when he would get angry, vein like tubes would become visible and glow green like his eyes. After that it all blurred together. His mind was wiped. He was trained in every known combat, trained to use every weapon. Trained to show no mercy. They turned him into a mindless weapon.

Bruce had gone through countless of kill missions. Shield had him in their watch list as a myth. No one really wanted to believe that Hydra had two expert killing machines. And to make it harder for them to know of Bruce’s existence there were only a handful of people that had seen him and barely lived to tell the tale.

After the fall of shield and the loss of the Winter Soldier, Hydra kept their grasp on Bruce like a vice. If he disobeyed even once he was severely punished. They kept him with a child like fear of disobeying and used the threat of punishment to keep him obedient. When he did a perfect mission he’d be given human contact and told that he had done well. They didn’t call him a soldier. They called him a weapon because that’s what he was. He always did solo missions. They were always kill missions.

He had been sent to kill a new leading scientist that could threaten Hydra’s goals, considering she wouldn’t side with them. Bruce had a mask over his mouth and nose, eyes focussed on every door as he searched for his target. He was in an almost exact copy of the Winter Soldier’s uniform. He had guns, ammo, and knives strapped to his belt. His hair was tied back into a loose, short ponytail so that it wouldn’t fall into his eyes. Hydra never bothered to cut it unless it touched his shoulders, then they would shave it military style. 

Bruce kicked the target’s door down, gun raised as he searched the room for the red headed woman.


always wanted to see his arm

lao wai