aughh this though

Literally though imagine rough, bearded Steve holding the reigns of Sam’s horse and covering the animal’s eyes to keep it from panicking, shushing it as he walks them through a dangerous passage.

Sam is dressed in beautiful finery, jewels, all red and gold and silk embroidery-  Steve in simple armor emblazoned with Odinson’s family crest as well as Sam’s, to signify his allegiance.  

Steve’s face is sunburnt and weather-beaten, and his hands are calloused when he helps Sam down from his horse at the end of the long day traveling-

Sam reads aloud to Steve sometimes-  Steve never learned how to read, not many of his birth do, but he loves stories and poetry, and admires Sam’s knowledge and intelligence.

Sam proving his own courage in an ambush on the road- he takes on two bandits at once and saves Steve’s life–
Afterwards he has to bandage up Steve’s wounds and keep his head elevated while Redwing flies for help–

– stranded alone with an injured Steve and patching him up while Steve dizzily insists he’s fine.

Sam, trying to keep Steve talking, asking him about his life (the first time they’ve talked as one man to another and not employer/bodyguard)

And he’s startled to learn that Steve is the same age as he is- he seems so much older than his years.

After that it can’t go back to how it was, and the two of them are partners and friends first and foremost–
–that is until Sam starts to stare too long at Steve’s broad shoulders and well-made limbs– starts to dream about Steve’s hands on him and his lips and beard down between his legs.