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WIP of German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Esperanto, Swedish, Latin, Hungarian, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese(Brazilian) and Korean translations!

Actually I’m an idiot because I can now just link to the TRANSLATIONS PAGE on my home website oo lookit that

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These are painfully rough, but that’s what happens when you don’t plan your sketches! These are my attempts at trying to further define Aequis by type, adding a dash of diversity (or at least attempting to!) 

Also, some even rougher sketches I did at work of two new types; the wetlands one will be showing itself soon, but I still need to play around with the terrestrial tropical “pheasant” type. (AND IT NEEDS A BETTER NAME, they probably all do, what do I look like, a naming machine?)

Anyway! Suggestions?

reminder that:

if you are a boy, you look like a boy.

if you are a girl, you look like a girl.

if you are non-binary, you look like a non-binary person.

there is no one way to look like your gender, because everyone is different. no matter what type of body you have or what kind of clothing you like to wear, your internal perception of your identity matters so much more than how other people label you based on your looks.


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For your health: SFW, mostly platonic&familial, some fluff
(ships: mostly caejose, bruabba, josuyasu?) some blood, no gore
contains hints at spoilers and vague headcanons
parts 2, 3, 4, 6 featured most prominently

I know I said it before, it’s an absolute joy to be able to put together collections like this.  I’m a recent art school grad with Big Dreams and no health insurance, currently taking the steps to quit my night job and move away from where I’ve been living the past 6 months, so any and all of your support helps me out more than I can say! I plan to &  hope that I can keep making things like this in the future…  I have a lot of ideas 8^)

Ways of responding to difficult behavior caused by mental illness that are ableist

-Assigning motivations to the behavior and blaming the individual for them (”you forgot we had a date because you don’t care enough!”, “you yell easily because you don’t care about me!”)

-Making fun of behaviors caused by mental illness

-Demanding people stop an uncontrollable impulse

Things that are not ableist

-Being hurt or upset by behavior rooted in mental illness

-Taking care of your own emotional needs, even if that means taking distance or drawing lines with mentally ill behavior. even if it’s caused by an uncontrollable impulse

-Requesting people not participate in a controllable behavior you find invasive or hurtful, even if that desire is rooted in mental illness (giving you graphic details on self harm, claiming your personal art as kin)

-Having responses, such as anger and fear, to aggressive or destructive behavior

Mental illness can is deserving of empathy and understanding, but it is not a free pass to hurt others and demand they ignore their pain.

I have been seeing A Lot of this lately, often directed to other mentally ill people.