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Getting It On

Request: can i have an imagine where the reader is like the youngest member of the cast and they all view you as a sister and then lin walks in on you and your boyfriend in a heated makeout session and then you have to deal with teasing from the cast? i thought it would be cute! thank you and happy holidays

A/N: aaaaa this was rushed af i’m so sorry it’s terrible i just whipped this up bc im free atm IM ALSO SORRY FOR IT BEING SO LATE AUGH IM SO BAD AT KEEPING TRACK OF THINGS ALSKDJKFKA

Pairing: Platonic!Hamilcast x Reader?

“Come on.” You tried to pull your boyfriend inside the Richard Rodgers theatre after the show. Everyone has been asking about your love life for some reason and they’d all been dying to meet your significant other.

“They all want to meet you.” You grinned and put your arm around his.

“Them? They want to meet me?” He laughed, a little hesitant.

“Just shut up and come with me.” You laughed with him and with what little strength you have compared to him, you finally managed to get him inside.

You first showed him your room before meeting anyone else because you’d want to warn him first about everyone so they won’t intimidate him.

“Basically,” you huffed. “They’re really friendly but after awhile, they’ll be pretty nosy but they mean well. I think.”

“Okay, okay.” Your boyfriend laughed. “It still sounds pretty busy outside. Let’s stay here for awhile.” He got up from the chair and approached you with a smirk on his face.

He snaked his hands around the small of your back and pulled you closer to him for a kiss on the forehead, on the nose then on the lips. You stayed like that for awhile until neck kissing, hands roaming and stifled moans happened while being pushed down on the couch.

You didn’t stop any of it and even took ahold of his wrist and placed his hand on your breast. He started massaging it until Lin barged into your dressing room.

“Hey Y/N, I heard your boyfriend was finally here–!” He stopped in his tracks with the door wide open. His jaw dropped but his mouth formed a smile and started laughing a little.

You both tried to fix yourselves. You could practically feel the redness of your face as you tried to look presentable as much as possible. “Lin, wait don't–”

“Y/N AND HER BOYFRIEND ARE GETTING IT ON.” Lin ran out laughing and screaming to practically the whole of the theatre.

You heard a collective scream and laughter of “what” as some rushed into your room namely Renee and Jasmine.

“Oh my god.” Renee laughed and pulled the two of you out of the room so you could see the other cast members.

Before they started saying anything, you rushed into action and started introducing them one by one to your boyfriend who seemed just as embarrassed as you were.

“Don’t you lay a hand on her.” Daveed laughed and teased. “I’m going to stand as her older brother in the theatre and there’s no way you’re having sex here, not on my watch.”

“Daveed!” You shrieked.

“I don’t want to see you grow up that fast, Y/N.” Jasmine pretended to cry and hug you. Being the youngest cast member sucked.

“Oh c'mon guys,” Pippa sympathized. Sort of. “Give her a break, they both looked uncomfortable and embarrassed right now.”

Lin shrugged and made everyone erupt in laughter by saying, “Well, they definitely looked comfortable earlier in-”

“Lin!” You threw your slipper at him. You were embarrassed being caught as it is.

“Do you want me to give you bedroom tips man?” Oak blatantly asked your boyfriend which made Hope choke on her water with laughter.

“We’re leaving!” You screamed and pulled your boyfriend past the cast.

“Use protection!” You heard Anthony shout in the distance, making everyone laugh.

Once you both got out of the theatre, you could finally breathe with ease and same goes to your boyfriend. He was laughing the entire time, saying how they could be a handful everyday and all you could do was agree.

“Ah, I didn’t get to actually talk to any of them though. You pulled me out way too quickly.” He said but he didn’t sound that disappointed.

“Sorry.” You mumbled, still feeling a little embarrassed. “I’ll bring you in again next time.”

He laughed, “Let’s not get caught again, I wasn’t able to speak at all. I thought Chris, was it? Was actually going to hit me for a second.”

“Oh god.” You laughed.

After a moment of silence of walking back to your apartment, he says, “Next time I should probably talk to Oak about those tips.”

You laughed and hit him on the arm.

littlequeenregent  asked:

Hi there! Been a while! I just now read your latest post for the Trollhunter!Strickler AU where he goes to Trollmarket, and it was great! I'd forgotten just how much your AU made me fall in love. I'm still writing mine, and the differences and (unintentional) similarities between our lads are wonderful. One cool thing I've noticed about character: what makes AU Walt different from Canon is his bravery. With a cause he can fight for, he turns Hero in a second flat. Our lads are brave, they are!

This is so late and I’m so sorry but I’ve been on a study abroad and personal trip and my internet has been non-existent until this party hostel in Poland, and this is REALLY LATE AUGH

But thank you so much and YES I definitely agree! With a cause, but especially with a cause that is someone else. Because it’s already shown in canon that he can go to great lengths and risks for himself, but it’s when he does so for others that it becomes a noble thing. That’s when he really becomes brave.