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Either heatstroke or Kirishima were going to end him, but he had survived countless years with Kirishima. And now he was going to survive countless more because together, they shined as brightly as the sun.

Based on @redriot’s fanfic 

so apparently May 8th is Ace Visibility Day! Which I probably ought to have known being Ace but HEY LET’S CELEBRATE NEW KNOWLEDGE have a left-handed doodle of my very own Ace of hearts, Arthur!

That Vriska/Equius exchange was so good though like

it’s so obvious how desperate she is, but there’s no way vriska’s gonna just flat out ask for help, especially from someone like equius; she’s waaay to proud for that (she even admits this shit’s embarrassing for her).

So she tries to buttering him up, maybe hoping that he’ll just offer to help given her condition.

and then, just before passing out she compliments Equius while simultaneously reminding him of how terrible her own lusus is.

Bottom line is, Hussie is incredibly good at writing his characters and I am so fucking excited for the rest of this comic. 

I need to make a mostly-Asian Dalish clan. Because reasons. 


Augh. I need to geek out with somebody on this.

Currently on Chapter 6. I’ve read some spoilers shit’s gonna go downhill in the later chapters ORZ. WHY YOU DO DIS.

Also, Aranea’s ‘tude with the chocobros is my goal for 2017.

“This girl don’t work overtime. There’s no gil in it for me.” <- (non-existent for someone who works in the print industry ORZ)

Few things on the game:

1. The developers and musicians certainly gave a big nod to survival/horror/tactical games with the night time hunts, base infiltrations and dungeon explorations. And of course we have to fight a friggin spider in a claustrophobic DARK ROOM with only the special flashlights clipped onto our clothes. And the Imps popping up suddenly right up on my screen THROUGH A NARROW ASS CRACK in Fociaugh Hollow was not needed, gaiz. Really shouldn’t do cave explorations at night in the real world… ; A ;

2. My S.O. and I freaked out when “One-Winged Angel” was playing while it was coming into a driving scene. Turns out it’s what we left on the radio from the previous trip. We’re still recovering from our encounter with Sephiroth in KH2 and had our butts handed to us too many times. Plz no moar…


4. CHOCOBOS. YAS. And I swear Gladio fed his steroids because there’s no freaking way his bird can go that fast on a regular trek compared to the race!

5. Some of Prompto’s selfies are funny. And at times, creepy.

6. Gladio, stop telling Noct to take off his jacket when he complains it’s hot. We can’t all be Mr. Muki Muki like you T_T Yet I can totally picture him flexing like General Alex Armstrong from FMA, sparkles and all *dead*

7. Nifilheim guys, really?! Of all the people you choose to off, you pick an old, defenseless OLD MAN WITH A WALKING CANE?! Really?! Y’all are jerks, man. I hope Gladio finds you and shoves that giant sword of his up your—

8. The puns. OH THE PUNS! “The beans have ‘bean’ saved, boys.” xDDD “Certainly ‘nose’ how to find us.”

9. Of all the random places to create a new recipe, it had to be in a dungeon, Iggy? Really? (facepalm) Priorities, huh.

And the fandom’s headcanons and innuendos are having me in stitches. This world is full of amazing, crafty and imaginative people.

i just! idk havent felt passionate abt anything for a very long time! but man the art style is so fucking gorgeous and dramatic and i feel so alive augh i need to sleep so bad but….im so happy right now i finally found smth to be into…..getting into part 2 in one night shows how much i love it bc i never do that with ANYTHING EVER


I love Queen Nori! All 3 seconds of her. Well, I am a sucker for great designs and  everything Nourasia looks so cool and they are so interesting. Augh, Savin please give me a second season! I need more space elves. 

I imagine she’s a night who holds the code dear, clever, outspoken and brave. I also like to think Aikka is closer to her. It’s already hinted that his father is giving him a hard time I want the poor baby to have a nice relationship with his mother. 

If you haven’t watched Oban Star Racers I highly recommend it. It’s a great show.