This one hits ya right in the feels!! Auggie/Annie shippers must watch!!

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Top 5 Annie/Auggie Scenes | Number 01 | 1x07 - Communication Breakdown

Annie: So, was it worth it?
Auggie: I guess I am qualified for field work after all.
Annie: Speaking of which…
Auggie: I assume you are elliptically trying to get me to talk about Liza Hearn.
Annie: What are you going to do?
Auggie: I’m going to get as much information as I can, then turn it over to Joan. And then I’m going to end it. Okay?
Annie: It’s okay with me if it’s okay with you. She fixes his collar and puts her hand on his shoulder. I trust you.

Top 5 Annie/Auggie Scenes | Number 02 | 1x11 - When The Levee Breaks

Auggie: Oh, Annie! I just happened to be walking by…
Annie: Amazing timing.
Auggie: What did they ask you to do?
Annie: I can’t talk about it. She looks at Auggie and then pulls him aside. They want me to shadow Ben… be his handler on a mission.
Auggie: No. That is very dangerous and that is not okay. I’m talking to Joan-
Annie: I can handle myself.
Auggie: It’s not about your spy craft. You’re my friend. Call me protective.
Annie: No, don’t! I want to go. Please.
Auggie: Okay. Come with me. Auggie takes her into his office. GPS tracker… I can keep track of you at all times. Keep it some place inconspicuous and safe. Now if something happens, something bad, and forget about protocol… call the number on this card.
Annie: 7-0-1 area code? Who’s number is that?
Auggie: It’s my number. I created it specifically for this mission. Consider it your ‘get out of jail’ card.
Annie: Thanks.
Auggie: It’s not free. If you use it, you owe me a sandwich.
Annie: She kisses his cheek. Everything’s going to be fine.
Auggie: Yep.
Annie: I can’t believe it took something like this to finally get your digits.

Top 5 Annie/Auggie Scenes | Number 04 | 1x02 - Walter’s Walk

Auggie: You know, you can wail on that thing all day, but there’s no beating the heavy bag.
Annie: Isn’t that the point?
Auggie: Not really… what’s going on?
Annie: My sister thinks I’m ungrateful because I won’t sign her will, I couldn’t help a working mom and her son, and apparently I have a knack for losing hand-to-hand fights despite my training. Other than that, I’m fine.
Auggie: Okay. You kind of threw all that at me there. Let’s see if we can uh, break it down one piece at a time. Come here and put your hands on my shoulders. Yeah, now, right from where you’re standing try to push. Annie pushes, but Auggie doesn’t budge. Okay, okay… come in closer. Push again. Annie tries again, and this time Auggie stumbles back. I love the instructors at the farm, but the fight training they do there is generally useless. Fights are frantic and ugly, and they are won at very close range. Try the bag again - this time stand right next to it and weave away when it swings. Annie does so. Good.
Annie: How do you know?
Auggie: I’m assuming it’s good.

Lovely montage ensues.

Top 3 Annie/Auggie Scenes | Number 03 | 1x01 - Pilot

Auggie: Oops! Perfume… wrong bathroom… Jo Malone Grapefruit… Annie? You’re here? I had no idea.
Annie: Liar.
Auggie: How are you doing?
Annie: I’m fine.
Auggie: Liar. You know I remember when I first started at the agency, I was so freaking confused by everything. And this was before my accident - I could still see, but… the protocol, the bureaucracy… people I thought were mentors turned out to be jerks, and vice versa. It was a mess. Of course back then I could at least read the bathroom signs.
Annie: So what’s the secret?
Auggie: Well, I’m not sure there really is one secret. But I find it helps to keep a healthy sense of humor, and a bottle of patron in my desk drawer. Annie, if Joan was going to fire you she would’ve done it already. The agency likes people who take initiative… it’s kind of a weird push-pull thing.
Annie: In that case, I need your help.

Top 5 Annie/Auggie Scenes | Number 05 | 1x05 - In The Light

Annie: What are you doing here?
Auggie: Putting career advancement over my personal life. Plus, she couldn’t remember the last book she read, and even I have standards. Want to talk about it? You might not know this, but I am an excellent listener.
Annie: Is that so?
Auggie: It’s in my file.
Annie: How do you feel about what we do?
Auggie: Hmmm.
Annie: I mean, I know that manipulating people for information is pretty much my job description, but it always makes me feel –
Auggie: Dirty?
Annie: Tell me it’s worth it.
Auggie: Tell me what “it” is and I’ll tell you if it’s worth it.
Annie: I read McAuley’s file, and based on what he said today I might have something I can use.
Auggie: Worth it. It would be a huge gift for you to get somebody like McAuley in. We don’t always get to have everything nice and shiny and clean, but we are talking about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists here.
Annie: Henry Wilcox said we’re in the mud, all of us, whether we want to admit it or not.
Auggie: Does that bother you?
Annie: I’d like to know how dirty I’m going to get.