falconwithamossberg  asked:

Thanks for the follow. And any opinions on the Steyr Aug? Never had the luck of firing one but I hear mixed things. Things between "The rifle of the future." Or "Overrated and sucks." Though I guess that's common with most bullpups

The two I have tried were fun range guns, both in semi-automatic, one in .222 Remington, the other one in 5.56. Over these very brief tests, I would say it’s an OK gun. There are a lot of rifles I would pick over this one, though.


(via Chicago, 9 AUG'70 | The kinds of trains that little switcher… | Flickr)

Caption: “The City of New Orleans beginning its journey to its namesake city while passing the 27th Street Roundhouse that the Illinois Central used to service its passenger fleet.”


August 9, 1970

Photo by Paul Enenbach