Simply stated, “carving bones” may sound like a morbid activity. Yet, there’s both an elegance and hypnotic nature to the work of Jason Borders, an artist who creates intricate patterns and designs on animal skulls by hand. Borders was last featured on here, and he appeared in Hi-Fructose Vol 40. The artist currently has a solo show at Screaming Sky in Portland, titled “The Art of Jason Borders.” The show kicked off on July 28 and runs through Aug. 22.

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august botm?

i haven’t done a botm in years so here we go


- be following me 

- reblog this post

- be a band blog? sometimes? i’m tryin to find some new friends

and that’s it!

i’ll pick 5 of ya and then you’ll go into a poll and you can have ur followers/friends/people vote for you and then that’s that!! whoever has the most votes will be my botm for august!

entries end tomorrow (7/28) sometime? the poll will be up shortly afterwards.

if chosen you’ll get:

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they set the world on fire in just 3 years solely with their music and performances. the group represented the dreams and happiness of teenagers but since last year they expressed youth with their music and experienced the most beautiful moment in life.
bts for star1 magazine [aug. 2016 issue]

INTL Group Order for Grazia n°263 ft. Tao

This is the group order for Grazia magazine n°263 ft. ZTAO. I’m willing to ship worldwide.

This order concerns both the limited and normal edition of the issue. However, the deadline fo the limited ed. is earlier and it’s more expensive. Please read the form carefully about it.

Limited edition deadline: July 31st 11PM GMT.
Normal edition deadline: Aug 7th 11PM GMT.

Form link:

Feel free to contact me for any question. Please reblog this post to spread it for me. Thank you!

07.28.16 last week’s spread - blue again

I am forever procrastinating on this online stats class. No classroom = no motivation. The downfall of online classes :( thank god it ends Aug. 4th

But I am excited for the fall semester to begin in a month! One semester to go and my NCLEX before I’m a registered nurse! Then like 6ish more years for my doctorate…wahhhh I will be in school forever

Crabdom SITC project thingy, an update

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to the people who joined me on this adventure so far. I’m very proud to have you here with me. 

If you didn’t get any of my emails, please get in touch ;)

And if you have no idea of what I’m talking about, I’m setting up a “Crabdom capsule”, that I’m going to give Chris at Summer In The City. Any participation is welcome. If you want to contribute, please feel free to complete this form.

Deadline : August 4th.

Love y’all,

I’m doing a Throne of Glass read-along on my blog in August to get ready for Empire of Storms in September! We’ll read one book each week, so ToG starts Aug 1! I’ll also be doing an international giveaway, polls, posting my favorite ToG book merch, linking to others’ reviews and fan art, and generally fangirling on all social media platforms, so check back in August even if you’re not joining the read-along!



Aug. 06, Sat. 11:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Aug. 07, Sun. 11:00 AM – 03:00 PM
Additional operation for 30 minutes after each show. No operation during the show.


Official Merchandise Booth at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium


Both cash (KRW only) and credit card are accepted for the payment.
Operation time is subject to change if all the goods are sold out early.
Make the payment first at the cashier booth and then bring the receipt to pick-up booth.
Exchange/refund is not allowed unless the goods are faulty.

August filming break - Correction

I’m sorry, everyone, I messed up! My brain has been insisting that they break for filming after Aug 12, but in reality it’s after Friday, August 5. They resume filming on Monday, August 15.

Thank you to anon who mentioned it, and made me double check! :)

- PF

26. Juli 2016 | Hamburg Underground

Eine soziolinguistische Untersuchung

Zu bestimmten Zeiten des Feierabendverkehrs häufen sich die Anzugträger in den Waggons. Auch neben mir sitzt ein junger Mann in dunkler Anzughose und hellblauem Hemd. Dunkelblonde kurze Locken und helle Augenbrauen. Schwarze Umhängetasche. Ich ordne ihn der privaten Law-School zu, die sich unweit der U-Bahn-Station befindet.

Sein Handy klingelt.

„Was geht aaaaaab?“, flötet er in das Gerät, ich sehe die Ghettofaust in einer einstudierten Choreographie vor meinem geistigen Auge durch die Luft schwingen.

„Ich weiß“, sagt er ins Telefon, um dann nochmal Luft zu holen.

„Was geht aaaaaab?“

Dann legt er auf.