Jessie, 21

“I’m wearing my roommates’ thrifted plaid trousers, a black American Apparel leotard, and an thrifted variety jacket. I tend to stick to clothes that are comfortable. I like baggy pants, bold patterns, and big jackets. As long as I have some flexibly in it, I’m happy. But honestly, most of my clothing is either borrowed or given to me from friends. If they have something that looks cool on them, I borrow it but wear it in a way that suits me. I am not really the best shopper.”

Aug 20, 2016 ∙ Bernal Heights
A-BitterSweet-Life Back in Action

A video posted by Edwin Adrian Nieves (@edwinadriannieves) on Aug 8, 2016 at 8:19am PDT

The hiatus is over. For those following this blog over the years, new and old, thank you for the interest and love. After what may seem like a long break,A-BitterSweet-Life is back in action.

As some of you already know, I began my own filmmaking career about five years ago, a self-taught filmmaking career. Over this past summer, a big point in that journey occurred. I began working for an advertising agency, and now one of the commercials I DP’ed and edited is going to be broadcasted nationwide (above is a behind the scenes glimpse of me on location). It’s a step that I could not have foreseen when I decided to pursue filmmaking as a career and put becoming a French teacher behind me. I am so happy I chose to pursue what I love, in face of all the obstacles like starting from the beginning, risking financial challenges and criticisms from family (it was all love, I always knew it, I also always “knew/believed” I was going in the right direction), and, perhaps the biggest of all, dealing with the personal doubts and failures that not matter what are part of the process.

And A-BitterSweet-Life was a huge part of that process and very much remains a part of it. I love being inspired by the art of cinema and sharing those inspirations that are dear to me and that I truly believe manifest filmmaking as true art. Commercial, blockbuster movie, corporate video or arthouse film, all of it is able to contain an artistic quality. How? It is “in” the people that work the project. As far as my own career goes, being self-taught with a faith in my intuition became an attractive quality when it came to work. What film school did I go to? I went to Bresson, Tarkovsky, and Melville among others, and a great majority of them were intuitive filmmakers. A filmmaker’s greatest tool is him or herself.

So let’s continue this journey in the art of cinema with more cinematic inspiration to fuel your personal and visionary filmmaking style…and ACTION!

La película del Anime Overlord será recopilatoria.

El Anime para TV adaptación de la serie de novelas ligeras de Kugane Maruyama se estrenó en Julio del 2015.

Más detalles sobre la próxima película de Overlord fue revelada el jueves. La película será una recopilación del pasado Anime para televisión adaptación de la serie de novelas ligeras del mismo nombre de Kugane Maruyama. Todavía no se ha confirmado la fecha de estrenó de la película o si contendrá algún material nuevo no visto en el Anime para televisión. 

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Designed by Robin Falck
Located in: Helsinki, Finland

In 2010 I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact get-away for myself. The idea was to stay under 9 square meters which allowed me to build without a permit. I also wanted to maximize this space, use local/recycled materials and build it myself.

The angle and size of the window gives the interior a lot of natural light, you can even admire the stars during the night. I wanted to welcome in the beautiful surrounding. On the first floor I have a lounge area with a micro-kitchen. The 2nd story loft is for sleeping and storage. All the materials are local or recycled and carried to the spot by hand to keep the nature untouched. When I was done with it I named it Nido (italian for ‘birds nest’).