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Could the 50K+ tag be updated with a few more fics? South Australia is currently being hit with a massive storm and there might be a blackout really, really soon so I wouldn't mind having some fanfiction to keep me company. :) *It's almost been a month (AUG 31st) since the 50K+ tag was updated but I wasn't sure how long you guys normally wait so I apologize if this causes an inconvenience! xx

we will get to it eventually, but the tag is pretty well stocked right now. here is an ao3 link for more

hope you guys are okay down there!

Lol I won’t post a screenshot, cause I got a really salty message saying that it was wrong that I posted the email exposing the girl. I mean, I don’t care about a troll’s feelings when she’s left such disgusting words on people’s art, like their fics. Posting an email that was SENT to me is not the same as telling others to kill themselves over fictional characters. Nowwww, if you wanna see the specific review with the name of the ACTIVE blogs, I’m not saying it was posted in the review thread of a GenmaSakura fic that was updated on September 28, and published on Aug 31, with 11 reviews and 14k+ words… I mean…

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Fire and Ashes

Augus gasped loudly then coughed as the smoke burnt his lungs. He weezed for air, a searing pain in his chest. Fire was all around him and the building falling in on itself. “Crassus!” He yelled from the floor. Where was he? Where was his knight? He needed him.“Crassus! I need help!” Again nothing, no reply but the roar of the flames, death and blood, mangled corpses being consumed by the fire the scent… spirits was Crasshe needed to find him, he needed him to be okay. “Crass! Please!” He cried out for him fearing the worse. Aug crawled toward the over turn table where Crass had been sitting. He pulled himself over the dead bodies try hard not to look at them. Crass wasn’t there… good maybe he got out… he painfully pulled himself to his feet and looked for an exit. Day light came through a window almost like a beacon of hope. His steps were wobbly at first but soon he as nearly running as he threw himself through the window.



Designed by Robin Falck
Located in: Helsinki, Finland

In 2010 I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact get-away for myself. The idea was to stay under 9 square meters which allowed me to build without a permit. I also wanted to maximize this space, use local/recycled materials and build it myself.

The angle and size of the window gives the interior a lot of natural light, you can even admire the stars during the night. I wanted to welcome in the beautiful surrounding. On the first floor I have a lounge area with a micro-kitchen. The 2nd story loft is for sleeping and storage. All the materials are local or recycled and carried to the spot by hand to keep the nature untouched. When I was done with it I named it Nido (italian for ‘birds nest’).