A close-up of an active region shows how quickly huge spirals of loops can jut out from the Sun.  The image, taken in extreme ultraviolet light, offers a clear view in profile of magnetic particles spinning along criss-crossing arcs of magnetic field lines (taken in the AIA 171 wavelength but colorized red) from Aug. 14 at 20:48 UT to 19:00 UT on Aug. 15.  So, the video covers almost one full day’s worth of activity. The active region on the left of the image shows its own loops as well as streams of plasma jumping back and forth.  Earth could easily sit inside any of these loops.


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Chay:oh oh oh Chay KayKay Noonie: it’s a video I love Aug laugh I love to see him smile 💜😍😁💚❤ #AugustAlsina #AlsinaNation (@bruhbilly)

hey if you wanna go through my parents log tag for shits and giggles there’s more stuff I’ve brought over by cross-tagging but it’s interlaced with other stuff so gl trying to find it

the Biggest one is a text message I copy pasted from the night I tried to run away (11/Aug) so, like, that’s worth a read if u wanna see the same shit I’ve been saying over and over

beary coincidental

i love how many coincidences surround this band, especially surrounding the bears.  here’s a bit more of an outline regarding those so called coincidences.

  • @saracha33 made a wonderful post about the countdown back in october referring to an actual countdown to months here.  the countdown leaves the 1, 1 message, for february.  this seems significant in that they are reducing confusion by pruning down who we get messages from.  earlier this month, harry started using his instagram and twitter in a much more straightforward manner than he was able to previously.  another post regarding this can be found here.  it was right after the bear’s last tweet that harry started using his social media in this way, coincidence number 1.
  • previously, it was noted in one of my group chats that a lot of things to do with the bears seem to surround the number five.  When looking back, it was five months before louis’ tweet confirming he was a father that the baby bottle appeared in the tableau (jan 23 and aug 23 respectively).  five months before the first pap shots of louis with the baby carseat being released was the second baby bottle appearance in the tableau (jan 25 the photos were released and aug 25).  also the last baby bottle usage in a tableau was exactly 5 months before louis posted the photo of him with the baby on his twitter and instagram (jan 27 and aug 27).  coincidence number 2.
  • how long was the bears twitter active?  five months.  coincidence number 3.
  • how many months between the start of the countdown and the end, should each number represent a month?  five.  coincidence number 4.

there’s more i could add, but i just wanted to lay this out.  they knew this was going to go for this long and happen in this way and were giving us the best hints they could through the bears.  the fact the bears’ twitter has been deactivated is because i no longer think it is needed and from here on forward, we will effectively be communicating with them directly.

thanks to @beccasafan for her awesome rbb and sbb site as well as the months of talking and theorizing surrounding these bears that have lead to this with @unintentionalarry, @larrymama, @jackstylinson, @saracha33, @ilove1dalmation, and @silentlarryshipper.