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wait... when did gmw compare rilaya to betty and veronica??? i am confused

2x10 - Girl Meets the New Teacher

Auggie: Okay, Riley. I finished this Archie comic book you gave me.
Riley: I wanted to start him on the road to good books.
Maya: What’d ya learn from it, Augs?

Auggie: Wellll, this dark-haired girl and this blonde girl both like the same boy and they all stay best friends. Could that really happen?

Riley: Nahhh.

Maya: Okay!

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Paul Mosley, The Last Remaining Triumphal Arch, Digital Collage (2015)

with Louis Weinstein’s “The last licensed horse and wagon peddler of Milwaukee, 1958 Aug. 24″ and The gateway of the Chicago Stock Exchange Building (1894) by Adler & Sullivan.


Everything has an end⬇
In 1971, with Chaparral having withdrawn from sports car racing, the Indy car was resucitated as a F5000 car for Franz Weis, Hall’s mechanic, engine builder & test driver. The low-key project joined the series late in the season, entered, as usual, at °66. Weis was 20th fastest in qualifying at Donnybrook (R7 15 Aug 1971), off the pace by some 9%, and managed only 14th place in Heat 2. Not exactly in line with Chaparral tradition. Lime Rock (R8 6 Sep), the final race of the 1971 season, was no better: Weis managed 13th in qualifying, now just 5% back from David Hobbs’ McLaren M10B, but crashed on lap 1, ending the car’s short career. The bent remains are said to survive, awaiting the generous funding that would be required for a restoration. In the meantime, one of the 2As made a much more interesting restoration project for Weis.
Chaparral started fielding Indy cars in 1978 with Al Unser driving the No. 2 First National City Traveler’s Checks Lola T500-Cosworth DFX. Unser then managed to win the 1978 Indy500. In the 1979 Indy500 the best finish of the 6 started Chaparral’s was a 4th place.
The only change to the car in 1980 was that the 2K was now numbered 4. Rutherford won five races that season, including the 1980 Indianapolis 500, After the 1982 the withdrew from racing.
Hall returned in 1992 to racing in conjunction with VDS-Racing. VDS left Hall in 1995, he made his on way with the team. The following 2 years he had a lot of success.
Despite the recent success Hall closed up the Indy car team for good. Hall ended up getting 13 wins and 2 championships in USAC and CART sanctioned Indy car races.
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Up at 8:30am, arriving at 9:45am. Ringo first at 10:15 with the others arriving just after eleven. 

Policeman gets quite excited at a few people, and Ian missed the picture. 

George [???] and I go to Regents Park Zoo and meditate in the sun. To Krishna temple for lunch and studio for 3pm. 

Yoko, John and Ringo went to Paul + Linda’s for lunch. It was very nice. 

A page from Mal Evans’ 1969 diary, describing the day of the Abbey Road photoshoot (8th August 1969) and including Mal’s sketch of the photo/album artwork. 

Photo: Mal Evans / Mal Evans Estate.