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Preview: Civil War II: The Fallen #1           

As a giant falls, friends and enemies alike gather to mourn his passing. Amadeus Cho, Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross, the Warbound and more. Can they all keep a level head - or will some of them get ANGRY? Plus, what secrets lie in the Last Will and Testament of Bruce Banner?

Story by Greg Pak                     

Art by Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna, Marc Deering        

Release Date Aug 17th, 2016

Hello everyone, I’m back from holidays and feeling quite relaxed!!

I have caught myself up on everything that I’ve missed with the boys. I had a few thoughts from my catch up that I wanted to share….

Aug 8th-11th

—–Wasted opportunity if you ask me not having Aaron in a tiara and pink tutu. I would give and pay anything to see that.

—– Aaron looked incredibly hot in that suit. He should wear suits more.

—–I loved seeing Aaron surrounded by his family.

—– Aaron is so childish, it just makes me love him more.

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Headcanons about the burgundy tie:

  • That morning, Aaron picked a dull blue tie out of the drawer. Robert saw the tie, gasped and claimed “You really know nothing about ties do you?” Aaron shrugged. Robert with a shake of his head went over to the drawer, pulled out one his ties and handed it over to Aaron.
  • Aaron struggled to tie the tie so Robert moved Aaron’s frustrated hands away and tied it for him. 

Headcanons about the wedding:

  • Work had kept Robert away. He had felt terrible about not attending till he heard stories about the Southampton Dingles then he wasn’t so sorry he missed the wedding.
  • Robert arrived at the end of the night to collect Aaron to make sure he got home safely. 

Aug 15th -16th

—– Robert should make dramatic entrances more often.  The way he stepped out of his car, his snarky voice, and that smile on his face.

—– Let’s be honest, that wasn’t the first time Robert’s pretended to be a cop ;-)

—–”She said I was worse than you.” “She probably just meant in bed.” Gotta love Robert’s confidence.

—–Aaron knowing when Robert was lying and hiding something was perfect. Isn’t it great how they can read each other like a book. 

—–Aaron being worried about Robert and his future was very sweet.

—– Aaron’s facial expressions and Robert’s hand gestures were brilliant. 

—– “And Aaron, he makes you a better person.” I just adored this line. 

—– Robert and Andy’s goodbye was much more emotional than I had expected.

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  • Knowing how Aaron worries and how early he was leaving, Robert left a note on his pillow for Aaron explaining where he was. 
  • Aaron came home to find Robert trying to hold back tears. He put aside their argument and embraced him tightly. With Aaron’s arms around him, Robert stopped holding back the tears. 

Aug 17th- 18th 

—– I just loved how Robert said “It’s all right, he knows everything.” His voice had the tone of ‘Why wouldn’t he know.’ 

—– Nothing makes me happier than seeing Aaron and Robert plotting and scheming together. 

—–They’re so inseparable it is just too cute. 

—– Aaron and Robert being all playful and flirty is absolutely delightfully. 

—– Robert doesn’t work, does he. He just spends his days watching Aaron bent over a car getting all sweaty and dirty (who could blame him!!)

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  • Robert overhears some interesting slang thanks to Liv being a louder talker. Half the words she uses he doesn’t understand. The other half he thinks sound pretty cool.  "At the mo" was one of them.
  • Robert got stuck into Aaron that afternoon more than once and proved Aaron does beg, loudly. 
1D Hiatus: Day 248

* Danielle talks about Louis, Freddie and Briana in an awkward interview for ET (yikes!)

* Niall tweets a picture of himself talking to Justin Rose on FaceTime

* A DVD titled ‘One Direction: Standing At The Crossroads’ can be now pre-ordered on Amazon and we don’t really know what’s going on

* Unseen pictures of Harry and Louis partying in Melbourne on Valentine’s Day last year come out

It’s Aug 17th, 2016.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Appreciation Week 17th - 23rd August

I wanted a week in which to celebrate this amazing spin-off and everything it entails and to give the small but strong fandom a chance to showcase why we love this show.

  • Day 1 (Aug 17th) - Favourite Character
  • Day 2 (Aug 18th) - Favourite Episode
  • Day 3 (Aug 19th) - Favourite Non-Romantic Pairing
  • Day 4 (Aug 20th) - Favourite Romantic Pairing
  • Day 5 (Aug 21st) - Favourite Back Story
  • Day 6 (Aug 22nd) - Favourite Villain
  • Day 7 (Aug 23rd) - Free Choice

You can create GIFs, graphics, fics, metas or anything you want. Tag everything as wonderlandAW so we can all find each others’ posts.


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