Have you ever wondered how many boosts we could end up with if we did boosted every day? Well, I did so I tried to do the math (please keep in mind math was my worse subject in school). 

When Nov. 28th hits the Ticketmaster portal will have been open for 96 days & if I’m correct on the days each boosts were added, here are how many boosts some other swifties might just end up with on Nov 28th: 

  • Aug 24th: LWYMMD Lyric Video, 10 x 96 days: 960 boosts
  • Aug. 24th Tweet, Email, FB posts,  3 x 96 days: 288 boosts
  • Aug. 27th LWYMMD Music Video, 10 x 93 days: 930 boosts
  • Sept 7th Tasty Props, 10 x 82 days: 820 boosts
  • Sept 7th AT&T Spot: 10 x 82 days: 820 boosts
  • Sept. 20th LWYMMD Taylor Mountain, 10 x 69: 690 boosts
  • Oct. 12th Behind the Scenes, 10 x 47: 470 boosts
  • Taylor Nation Hangs: 6 boosts(?)
  • Social Media Likes: 5 boosts
  • FB Frame & Camera Affect: 2 boosts
  • UPS Truck: 1 boost
  • Stay in Touch: 1 boosts

Without spending a cent we had the chance able to earn about 4993 BOOSTS!  

I figured out pretty early on that you only had to watch each video for about 45 seconds until you earned a boosts. Let’s see how much time we would have had to put into watching these videos (assuming you didn’t open multiple browsers, haha)

  • Aug 24th: LWYMMD Lyric Video, .45 sec x 960 boosts: 12 hours
  • Aug. 27th LWYMMD Music Video, .45 sec x 930 boosts: 11.63 hours
  • Sept 7th Tasty Props, .45 sec x 820 boosts: 10.25 hours
  • Sept 7th AT&T Spot: .45 sec x 82 boosts: 10.25 hours
  • Sept. 20th LWYMMD Taylor Mountain, .45 sec x 690 boosts: 11.63 hours
  • Oct. 12th Behind the Scenes, .45 x 470 boosts:: 5.88 hours

Effectively, in the past 96 days we could have spent about two and a half days boosting! 

…and that’s doesn’t factor in the people who didn’t realize you could stop at 45 seconds…

@taylornation – Let’s see if all our hard work & time will when it’s go time! 

Swifties…are you ready for it?


“We became very good friends, really, for decades. I don’t like to bring it up that much, because The Beatles are so special that people might see it as boasting or something. But he actually became my friend, past being a Beatle to me. It was like having an older brother that had a lot of experience in the music business, someone who I could go to with my troubles and questions.

“I think [spirituality], probably, was the greatest gift he gave me. He gave me a way of understanding a higher power without it being stupid, or having tons of rules and books to read. But the best thing I can say to people that are curious about that is George was probably everything that you thought he was, and then some more. Very funny man; he could just kill me with his humor. He was a great guy and I miss him terribly.

“Strangely enough, we got along very well right away. He was the kind of person that, when he came across a good thing or the potential for a friend, he really was aggressive about it. And he had a way of knocking out anything that was extracurricular, or in the way of what was really going on. He could get you comfortable with him very quickly. I was always asking Beatle questions, and probably annoyed him. But, you know, he liked The Beatles, too. He liked talking about it and remembering it.”

[Tom Petty, NPR Music, 4th August 2014]

Tom Petty talking about George in 2014, accompanied by some of the ‘polaroids’ from the Traveling Wilburys sessions. 


The Beatles fourth and final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on 14th August, 1965. The top three photos are from the rehearsal on the same day and the bottom three from the performance. The Beatles played a dress rehearsal performance in the afternoon to an audience of 700 and then the actual show was recorded at 8:30pm that evening. 


In his book, Sorry You Missed The Sixties, photographer Philip Townsend says these photos of the Beatles visiting the Maharishi were taken at the London Meditation Centre, and it was the first time all the Beatles met the Maharishi. It’s almost certainly after the Bangor weekend, so it’s not the first time they all met, however it is possibly the first time all the Beatles and wives/partners met the Maharishi as Maureen didn’t go to Bangor with them. He also dates it as 1966, which can’t be correct either. Some sources date this as 31st August 1967 and some as 4th September 1967. 

Pics: Philip Townsend.