After almost a year  of increasingly troubling behavior, Louis agrees to let his sister live with him. It’s a last resort before more drastic measures are taken by their mom.

Harry Styles runs Given A Chance, a program for troubled and disadvantaged teens out of the bakery he owns. He offers the kids in his program what he believes they need to start on a different and better path for their lives.

Louis learns all too quickly that Harry’s goodwill does not extend to him. Only because he happens to remind Harry of an ex he’d rather forget. It’s not the smoothest of beginnings, but in the end Louis’ own issues might be the real problem.

AU where Harry and Louis are both models, and they decide being friends-with-benefits is a great idea. It isn’t.

The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament.

two years after getting dumped by the love of his life, louis has settled in hawaii where he’s finally found his sunshine. he’s still working on the happiness thing.

Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.

It’s supposed to be no strings attached sex, but Harry’s in love with beauty and tragedy and Louis Tomlinson so there might actually a few strings they’re not talking about.  

“I’m Louis Tomlinson,” the boy says, holding his hand out. Glancing down at it, Harry starts at the word beautiful written there, just along his pointer finger. It seems someone else knows exactly how stunning Louis is.

Willing himself not to act like a complete and utter prat, Harry takes Louis’ hand in his own and quietly murmurs, “It’s nice to meet you.” Or, the AU where the way your soulmate sees you is tattooed onto your skin.

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