tonight gets worse if you think about every single time dan has put phil on the spotlight. he’s always talking about phil every single chance he has. he mentions him as a second-nature, it rolls off his tongue so easily, and sometimes he doesn’t even notice he’s mentioning phil. the musical number in tatinof, for example, that whole thing was dan’s idea. it’s dan’s idea to literally put phil on a spotlight and make him start the song (+ this is proven in the story of TATINOF when phil says how he can’t believe dan would make him go by himself on the giant spotlight). there are so many times when dan puts phil first, and tonight…

phil just. put dan first. like… in the two occasions phil was the only one called, phil would not accept the award without dan. he made sure everyone at the event knew that it was not only his award, but dan’s too? because dan’s such a big part of him? 

dan always makes sure phil is on the spotlight with him whenever he gets the chance, but tonight phil made damn sure everyone knows dan belongs as much as he does under the spotlight.

im planning on making a lyric video for all star using only georgi ogre edits- Nick



                                                        H A P P Y R O C K Y D A Y
Happy birthday to our resident reliable rock Park Minhyuk (Rocky). I honestly hope that people stop sleeping on him, because he deserves so much more than he is getting. Rocky is good at everything: he can dance, rap, has amazing vocals, writes great lyrics, acts, is soft an nice, borderline weird, exTRA, handsome. I honestly can’t imagine a better choreography for morning call or fireworks than the one he created. A multi threat. A full package. Thank you for being born, Park Minhyuk.