The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and The Dark Knight Medley by Jason Yang

A word on the new documentary entitled 'An Unexpected Journey'.

There has been much talk on the new footage of a documentary (featuring myself!) about the late Lord Thorin and his Companies’ Quest to retake Erebor. You should all watch this, especially if you need to brush up on your history- plus it’s a fascinating tale- and it will of course show you how Erebor was restored to greatness and into the thriving city of Dwarves it now is.

Apparently it is being made by one bard named Peter, the same bard who told the story of the destruction of the Ring so well (featung my son! Us Longbeards get around…). However there are rumours that the moving pictures (I don’t fully understand how it works, Peter has obviously been helped my wizards in this) are not of good quality.

Now, I have confided in Lord Dain about this- since he is naturally being portrayed in the documentary as well- and he has brought up the fact that Peter’s documentary is not yet finished, and that the magic still needs to be tweaked and perfected. Bard Peter and his team of wizards have many months to do this, and has himself said that these moving pictures which will form the documentary are not finished or ‘cut’ properly. Indeed, the same Council who viewed the footage said that some of the 'green screens’ were visible (yet more blasted wizard terminology).

Naturally, Being Lord of Erebor and having links all over Middle Earth, he has also found out that the story this bard is portraying is historically accurate (otherwise he would have an uprising of Dwarves to deal with), and will feature many interesting and exciting moments!

I, Gloin Groin’s son and messenger of Lord Dain, King Under the Mountain, urge those eagerly awaiting this bard’s next work to not fear, as the month of December is still, regrettably, a fair while hence.

(As this is 'electronic’, I cannot attatch the official seal of Erebor here, but let’s pretend I did).