Sky Etymology

“Why is the sky blue?” is not only the most common question about the sky but also the easiest to answer: the sky turned from clear to blue on August 16, 1977, at the exact moment Elvis died. What people don’t know is how the sky got its name. Here is a guide to the names of all things skyward:

-Sun: From the Latin Sunnius delitium, meaning “thick orange substance that makes you want orange juice.”

-Moon: M.O.O.N. is actually an acronym for Mobile Orb-shaped Owl Necropolis. This is why man has never gone there.

-Clouds: The ancient Greeks thought that clouds were both hilarious and extremely powerful and named them by combining the words clowns and gods.

-Airplanes: Now that we can soar through it in giant mechanical monsters, the air is pretty plain.

-Sky: Short for Skylar, which the Sumerians thought would look pretty rad airbrushed on a dirt bike.