Hump Day Les Ciel et Blanc!

A selection Of Hunks From Racing Métro Past And Present!

Juan Imhoff W/Mike Phillips SH/Jamie Roberts C/Johan Goosen FH/Yoan Audrin C

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

It was dark now and Tyler’s mother was now home in her room. His sisters were sound asleep and he sat idle in his room. His ocean blue eyes stared blankly at the wall. “That’s it…I’m done waiting,” he sneered standing up. “I’m going to see what’s going on!” He half shouted while slipping on a green tank top.

Climbing out his window and onto the roof he jumped. off irritated and disgruntled. “Why is he ignoring me!?” The surfer questioned out loud while walking towards his lover’s home.

When he reached the house a few lights were on downstairs giving him not choice but to climb up the side and try to see if Audrin was in his room. However, with no luck it was dark, and he could now hear someone coming outside.

“Fuck…,” he whispered before pushing himself up closer to the side of the house as he hung from the windows ledge. Glancing he saw the figure of an older man, had ti have been his uncle, outside.